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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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Some acknowledgement of this from the devs would be appreciated. 'Yes it's a bug, yes we'll fix it' doesn't take long to type out...hell they can even copy and paste what I wrote :P

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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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It's really annoying because i can't do any mission on hard as i just get 1 shotted. Im on xbox and its doing it here too

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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

@OmniAlmighty wrote:

Can't play today. First I've got epic module for storm. My HP bumped to two bars! Then I've farmed freeplay on normal and got four other new storm modules - got blue rarity javelin with 240 power. My HP lowered to 1 bar... Started tyrant mine on hard and... got downed by simplest scar in 3 seconds.
I am programmer and I can't imagine how devs should write the code to get that amount of obvious bugs. Do they have testers? Do that testers have their PC turned on? In normal company you are not allowed to take new task if previous has some higher than minor bugs. And game launches tonight... that is total failure, everyone will flee to Division 2.

I've suggested that they have a Hidden Test Server but it falls on deaf ears.  EA doesn't do things that way...they rely on "simulated connections & bots in-game" to find issues.  They do have an extensive in-house testing department (Bioware's is much smaller but they do have one).  Unfortunately, only real-world testing (not simulated) reveals the bugs that need to be squashed. -*(


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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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@EA_Alexander Can you please confirm acknowledgement and any update on this issue like you kindly did on the NPC crash issue. I too have this issue and lack of communication by the Devs as well as how so many serious bugs exist concern me how successful this game will be. (Particularly frustrating as this games development was the "salve" offered by all Devs following the huge ME:A disappointment and #SavetheQuarians DLC debacle).


Again the frustration for most parties is the cost and time already invested into essentially a broken game, coupled with how they have had little response to the time/effort they have invested in reporting these bugs.


I think once (again hopefully) these bugs get corrected that some form of recognition be given for all the frustration and time taken for people helping EA/Bioware sort bugs which really should not have been there on release, and certainly not following or worsened/created by a patch!. (Extra week of premier access, Javelin Skin, Shards, etc).


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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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Hey folks,


We're aware of the issue, unfortunately no details at this point.


Again, we appreciate all the reports. Don't be discouraged if you don't see a response from us right away, our teams are constantly monitoring bug report boards.

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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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That is fabulous while you are on it can we please have a way to remove the power 1 items stuck eating space in our inventory.

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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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True I'll give you that pal
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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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Great point, I've actually sent a URL and quick message to check this to the following for awareness.


The Guardian Newspaper - Rick Lane - Anthem Reviewer

Forbes - Paul Tassi - Anthem Reviewer

Gamespot - Kallie Plagge - Anthem Reviewer

PC Gamer - Steven Messner - Anthem Reviewer

VG247 - Sherif Saed - Anthem Reviewer

Polygon - Rush Fruswick -  Anthem Reviewer

IGN - James Duggan - Anthem Reviewer



Bioware - Official Twitter

Anthem - Official Twitter

Mark Darrah  - Executive Producer

Mike Gamble - Lead producer

Tai Paleg - Lead Cine Animator

Casey Hudson - Bioware GM


@EA_Alexander Hopefully this may help enable you to get a response quicker.


Kind regards,



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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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Appreciate the acknowledgement but I think it's a very important issue. After sinking 45 hours into this product the game is UNPLAYABLE. Every enemy one shots me essentially and I've been unable to enjoy the product for 3 days now. How there are no details or updates to fix this is mind boggling. 

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Re: Gamebreaking Health Bug

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My armor bar jumps up and down from mission to mission. My normal armor is 80 armor bars (Storm power 470), but it reduces to 10 armor bars on most runs I've done today (contracts and freeplay).

This has only happened to me today, or at least I didn't notice it happening the first 7 days I played. I've played around 15 runs today since I noticed this problem and I had the reduced armor bar on 13 of those runs, full health on 2 of them. On my run just now I had 10 armor bars, the mission before I had 80 armor bars. It seems completely random and not connected to any changes I'm making in the forge.

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