[Known issue] Problem with logging into DA Origins servers

by Tavalan

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[Known issue] Problem with logging into DA Origins servers

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I've been playing Origins recently with no issues.  The other day, the game wouldn't connect to the servers.  I reset the system and still unable to connect.  Now I see this message.  Unable to access your online profile storage.  The account information may be invalid.  ??  My account status, as I've checked, seems in order and I can log into the servers via DA2 just fine.  I'm unclear as to what's going on all of a sudden; is this on my end?  If so, how can I go about getting things back on track?  Thanks in advance.

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Re: [Known issue] Problem with logging into DA Origins servers

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Hey guys and gals!


FYI, the DAO servers actually don’t serve any purpose besides hosting profile info and screenshots, so you should be able to download and use the extra content without any issues Standard smile If it's not working, then the problem might not be related to the servers.


Now some important news...


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Unable to access online profile storage PS3

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I've been trying to sign into the dragon age servers on my ps3 but it just gives me the message "Unable to access your profile storage. The account information provided may be invalid."  (though im able to sign in through inquisition on ps4) 


i spoke to an advisor and followed his instructions he suggested a troubleshooting which i did but it still does not work i dont know what to do if i cant sign in i wont be able to use the dlc's i bought

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EA servers are no longer available????

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So I have been trying to log into the dragon age servers for several days now. At first is was telling me that my credentials may have been wrong but wouldn’t give me the option to change anything and the website wouldn’t load. Now when I try to connect to the dragon age servers it tells me that EA servers are no longer available. All I want to do is get through all of the dlc for origins so I can upload my saves until I get to inquisition. I haven’t had any problems with it until this week. Meaning I was able to play all of the dlc with no hitches until like two days ago. What the heck is going on and how do we fix this????

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Re: DAO Sign IN

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You aren’t the only one. I was having these same issues and now it’s telling me that EA servers are no longer available. I have no idea how to fix it. I’ve tried updating my system and checking for game updates, restarting system and everything. I hope EA gets all this figured out soon 

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EA servers for DA:O no loner available?

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Recently when trying to sign in to the Dragon Age server it would say that my details were invalid or something, and I figured I'd do a network reboot and see if that changes anything. It didn't.


And NOW it's telling me, when I try to sign in, that "The EA servers are no longer available."

Another network reboot - still nothing.


I DMed EA Help on twitter and they said to report it here so, here I am.



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Re: DAO Sign IN

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Same here it’s used to say “Unable to access your online profile storage”  and now it’s saying “The EA Servers Are No Longer Available” I hope they fix it I’ve been dying to play All the dragon age games

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Re: DAO Sign IN

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Me too! They were definitely up and working on the 15th this month (the DA Keep shows my trophies until then in the notifications).


I hope they fix this soon, I've finished the game now and I want to upload my character to the keep for DAI.

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Re: DAO Sign IN

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My fellow players, I'm sorry you're experiencing the same woes I am.  I chatted with EA support for the better part of the morning and they were as confused as me.  I also hope they get this fixed in some way, shape or form.

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Re: DAO Sign IN

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You might be able to log into Dragon Age servers by removing all special characters from your account password, so that it's only alphanumeric. However I'm not sure there's any benefit to logging in anymore, as the game data doesn't sync with Dragon Age Keep. You'll still have to manually set your world state in Keep, then download and import to the next game.
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Dragon Age Origins and PS3- Not connecting to Servers

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So I decided to get back into Dragon Age Origins and fired up my ps3, and I could not connect to the dragon age servers at all. Someone told me that it's no longer available for Origins and the PS3. Is that true? Or was my ps3 just having a hard time connecting that day?

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