Command & Conquer - Known issues

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Command & Conquer - Known issues

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Dear Command & Conquer Community,


We hope you’re enjoying the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection.  We are actively reviewing player feedback and prioritizing improvements, and wanted to share some of these insights with you.


Last Updated: June 23, 2020


Community Requests we are hoping to accommodate in post-launch updates:


  • LAN Play
  • Private Game Lobbies
  • Being able to choose Random faction in custom game lobbies
  • Being able to choose Soviet / Allied sub-factions in Red Alert Quickmatch
  • Adding an “Author” display to in-game User Maps
  • Improve Harvester pathfinding logic by having them return to the first resource tile
  • The ability to customize your Jukebox playlist from outside gameplay in the Audio menu
  • The ability to embed a Custom Map within a Mod


Along with a handful of bug fixes, including:


  • Mod images not previewing properly in the in-game Workshop UI screen
  • A legacy issue where the Advanced Comm Center could be captured in Multiplayer and by the AI
  • A legacy issue where Turrets cannot be commanded to stop force-firing on the environment
  • A legacy issue where units could be instantly repaired by the Service Depot
  • A legacy pathfinding issue where the Harvester would get stuck in the “River Raid” map

Known Issues/Workarounds:


  • If you're seeing a crash when booting the title, please disable MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner and relaunch the title.


We are then tracking additional items in our backlog, which we will continue to prioritize alongside incoming community requests.


Thanks for your ongoing feedback and support.




The C&C Remastered Collection Team

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