Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

by EA_Avinash

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Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

Community Manager (retired)

Commanders, the following changes are part of our balance update for Feb-Mar 2020. Our priority this week has been Shade and Razorback, keeping in view all the feedback we've received from our community on several platforms. There are more changes that will follow soon. 


Shade Razorback Balance Patch.jpg


-> Vehicle damage to -40%
-> Movespeed from Faster (8) to Fast (6.9)
Razorback has proven to be dominant due to its ability to move in and out of combat. This change makes easier for the counter units to hunt it down while bringing its vehicle damage to an optimum level.


-> Health from 1333 to 1233
-> Cost from 40 to 60
-> Reload Speed from 6.00 to 8.00
-> Stealth mode from 5.5s to 7.5s
-> Structure Damage to -35%
Shade was getting too powerful on the battlefield due to its low cost and high health and damage. This change ensures its power level is in line with other units of its type.



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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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It is good that these two units were changed.


Now, for the next update, the rate at which Tiberium is harvested really needs to be adjusted. It is way too easy to bring out big, expensive units and to even keep spamming them. This should not be possible. At least not at the rate at which it currently is.

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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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Nice to see the changes to Razorback and Shade, BUT you leave the Soloman issue.. Least with the units you were actually playing the game by battling other units instead of ingnoring the actualy gameplay and killing the base in 2 shots of a special.


Guess theres no point playing for the next 3 months until 1 more number can be changed and a bug fixed



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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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These are excellent changes. Can't wait to see the rest.


I think Shade was nerfed very appropriately. I did a few tests and it performs at about an Orca level now. It is still faster so I think it is slightly overtuned, but better that it is slightly overtuned than undertuned imo. It will not ALWAYS be correct to make one, it will not win the first missile blindly anymore, and the health changes and reload changes make it more punishable and less exploitable for zerging the base down. These are all great changes that make it a more situational unit that it should be.


I would have liked to have seen a Solomon base damage nerf. Hopefully, the next patch comes soon.

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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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ALL players:

This is EA common strategy. They release new, very powerful unit (OP unit), tons of players buy it and after some time, they will counter it. 



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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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★ Guide

Still think Shade needs an anti-inf damage nerf.


Also, don't forget about Scarabs, Scarabs not having stealth detection is actually a huge nerf to it, it's literally the only infantry unit in the game with no stealth detection. And Scarabs on defense could actually be a decent counter to Shades. But Shades being stealth actually can beat Scarabs.


Make the never-used units decent again.

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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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This is a balanced we need next i think ya should nerf and fix tech where it either remains at 120 or 150

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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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😂 You're Mind Tricks don't work 😂

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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

Community Manager (retired)

Thank you for your comments, everyone. As mentioned, this is only the first phase of the Balance Patch for Feb-Mar. We wanted to tackle with Shade and Razorback first, and we'll be looking at more units and balance needs in our next patch that follows soon. 

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Re: Balance Patch Feb-Mar 2020

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I really do hope it's tech cuz it too easy to get out and it never fun to deal with

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