Upcoming Balance Changes 7/09/2018

by Redwood_MrBlack

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Upcoming Balance Changes 7/09/2018

EA C&C Team

Upcoming Balance Changes 7/09/2018


This week we’ll be improving underperforming units and making a few targeted tweaks to units and powers that are a little too good (or a lot too good if you’re the Basilisk).


We’ll be giving some love to:

- Chemical Warriors

- Jump Jet Troopers

- Stealth Tank

- Banshee


We’ll be dialing down:

- Basilisk

- Mammoth Tank

- M.L.R.S.

- Heroic Charge

- Fanaticism


I’m sure you’ve noticed that we’ve been rapidly and aggressively making balance changes. We’ll continue to experiment and rapidly course-correct throughout this Early Access period, all in the interest of gaining as much feedback and data as possible prior to worldwide launch. We’ll settle into a regular, steadier balance-change cadence post-launch.



—MrBlack and C&C: Rivals Combat Team

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes 7/09/2018

★★ Novice

So let's have a little chat on the disruptor.

1. Does way too much damage to vehicles. It takes 4 or 5 bikes to take it down, or 2 to 3 tanks. Any anti-vehicle infantry dies before even getting a shot off, which makes some kind of sense because it is anti-infantry, but there's a difference between having anti-infantry capabilities and being utterly untouchable by anything that walks on 2 feet (or 4). This limits what nod can do early game if a disruptor is rushed out. Banshees can't live long enough to kill them when they're protected by anti-air units. Pair a Kodiak, sand storm, or Titan with it and there's so much beef there that it's impossible to take any kind of advantage.


2. Disruptors can 4 shot bases. This is just laughable, I mean, like seriously it's hilarious how broken that is. It's one thing to send a few Kodiaks to the enemy base after a missle, they're slow and slow to attack. But after a missle, all a disruptor has to do, keep in mind this is just 1, is fire twice and you're dead. If this wasn't enough, pair it with Dr. Liang's heal and suddenly you've got a vehicle that can 4 shot your base with health regen. Now I know what you're thinking, if it's on your base you can focus it down. In thoery yes, but because bases take up movement tiles, there's only a limited number of sides you can attack it from and by the time you surround it, it's already fired twice, and by the time you can kill the heal bot and focus it down, it'll get off 3 to 4 shots. Unless you already have units surrounding you're base it's almost impossible to repel, and if you're units are pushed back to the base then there's a good chance the game is lost anyways. Now apply the fact that a missle has hit your base already, it's gg. The flame tanks can't even compare with the dps a disruptor can do to a base.


3. They can follow a units with their beam. If a units was running straight at it, then yeah, sure, it should be able to beam it down all the way. But if you're unit is 2 tiles away, and moving around the disruptor, it shouldnt be able to continue hitting it in a full circle. This makes it impossible to try to sneak units around the disruptor if it's in the middle of the map. Basically everywhere in 2 tiles becomes a kill zone, not just where it's facing. My suggestion to this is make it's beam work like the sandstorm, if a unit is moving fast enough or continuously then some shots should miss or lag behind it until it stands still.

The disruptor wouldn't be so much of a problem if it were more of a glass cannon, lots of damage like it has now and easy to kill, but right now it's basically a tank on steroids without anti-air capabilities. It really makes matches unenjoyable. You could be completely stacked and in the lead 1 missle and then completely get destroyed as soon a a disruptor shows up without some back up. A lot of people have them since they were in the shop, and almost every GDI I face is using them. GDI vs GDI isn't so bad because they have orcas, mlrs, Titans and Kodiaks. GDI vs NOD is much harder. If you don't have basilisks then you need a rock worm guaranteed to stand a chance. And that's assuming you have the economy for it and the disruptor isn't at your base. A rock worm can't chase down 2 disruptors on opposite sides of your base. Also I've noticed the rock worm no longer does damage to enemy units when it re surfaces. Completely destroyed my scarabs but left the adjacent zone troopers untouched.


Hope this helps, haven't seen much complaint on the disruptor but trust me I speak for a lot of people for this.

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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes 7/09/2018

★★★ Newbie
You haven't seen a lot of complaints about the disruptor because it sucks and is not viable. It's very slow and takes forever to set up and can be one shot by Jade's missile at any point. Not a single high ranked player runs a disruptor because they are so bad.

Once it gets set up then yes, it's quite strong, but if you're far ahead enough to set up a disruptor then you probably don't even need the disruptor to win.

To complain about its base damage is even more ridiculous. How far behind would you have to be to let your opponent buy a disruptor, and have it slowly move all the way across the map to your base and then set up without you being able to do anything? Your opponent could win with practically anything if they're far ahead enough to set up a disruptor in range of your base.
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Re: Upcoming Balance Changes 7/09/2018

★★ Novice

Every unit has an upside and a downside. Yeah it's slow, but not being viable is ridiculous. You can't see your opponents cards by default and have to way of knowing what they're gonna pop out. If a game's turned into a stalemate, then anyone could easily set up artillery, mlrs, or a disruptor with ease and turn it around. Having one on the field against someone without a missle or ion cannon pretty much guarantees a no infantry game for the opponent from then on. Ninety percent of what you said wasn't constructive at all, you were just shaming anyonr whose ever lost to one. Not all games are about rushing and winning in the first 2 minutes. Long games are where tech units thrive and in those environments some units, like the disruptor Excel in areas they shouldn't way too much or do way too well in areas they should.

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