Origin Error 0xc000007b / 0xc000012f

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Origin Error 0xc000007b / 0xc000012f

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I upgraded to Windows 10 with the only issue being the error 0xc0000007b. I received this error for ColorUService, APSDaemon, Windows Live Mail and Origin. I have fixed the issues with ColorUService by updating to the latest version. I deleted the 32 bit version of APSDaemon. Windows Live Mail was fixed by downloading Visual C++ Redistribution for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.


Thus far I have not been able to fix Origin.


I have contacted EA support and it was recommended I use CClearner prior to uninstalling Origin using Rivo Uninstaller. At this point I was told to download and reinstall Origin. The new installation failed. During the installation process I received the error - Origin.exe - Application Error - The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click to close the application. The installation failed.


EA Support allow recommended going into Command Prompt and typing sfc /scannow. This did not reveal any issues with Origin.


I looked at several webpages concerning this error. The suggested fixes were for Windows 7/8/8.1. The ones I tried did not work.. These websites indicate the issue may have something to do with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the software.


I have an Asus N750JK laptop, Windows 10, Invidia GForce 850M with Windows 10 drivers installed version 353.62 dated 7/29/2015, 16 GB of RAM.


I run Origin games - Mass Effect 1,2,3, Dragon Age 1,2,3, SimCity, Sim 3,4 and Star Wars the Old Republic.


Does anyone know of a fix for 0xc000007b error for Windows 10.



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Re: Windows 10 - Origin start up error 0xc000007b

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ERROR 0xc000007b  


I have been struggling with this for a while now. I only solved it because I could not install VC++ 2010 for a software development IDE. In researching why VC2010 wouldn't install, I discovered that Windows 10 has disabled NET Framework by default.


I enabled this, installed both x64 & x86 VC++2010 and it resolved the issue.


To enable NET Framework in Windows 10, go to your Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Turn Windows features on or off > expand and put a check to any NET Framework you see, typically 3.5 & 4.6. Then reinstall both of the VC++ x64 & x86 for 2010 & 2013.


This FINALY resolved my problem. Hope it helps!


Admin edit: further VC++ information that could cause this error is available in the following topic:





ERROR 0xc000012f


Please make sure you installed the latest versions of VC++ on your computer. You can get the via the Microsoft website, here:


https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2977003 -- please install both the 32 and 64bit versions.


It is also important that your system is fully updated. Please use the Windws Update function in W10 to get all the latest updates. If afterwards the issue persists, please do a manual uninstall of Origin and download and install the latest version. Please run the installer and Origin as administrator by right-clicking the program and selecting Run as admin.

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Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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Hi ,
I just bought Battlefield 4 and i need to repair Origin.

After installing the program Origin ( which I need to download and run the game ) it displays the error:
"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application."

I tryed a lot of tutorials and "100% works How to" , but this Error is still here.

I have got x64 Windows 8.1. Do you have someone with that experience?
If no, i try to install older Windows ( Vista, XP , etc. ) if it help.

Sorry for my english. I am from Czech Republic.

Please HELP Standard smile

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

Hero (Retired)

Hi start with this to rule out windows issue then do updates below and reboot PC then test BF4....


Test your windows for errors
This works in all windows O/S vista Win7, Win8 and Win8.1 windows system file checker :] Copy and past this to note pad and put it on your desktop. As open programs can give you errors when you run this.

...... sfc /scannow ..... ever hear of it if not your going to love this .... it will inspect all the important windows files as well as the windows DLL files. If windows system file checker finds any issues with the windows files and windows DLL files it will replace them. This little tool as well as the event viewer saved me and fully helped me fix my BF4 issues as well as saved my .... many a format since I found it. This is the best toy they ever put in windows :]

For win7 go to start left click in search type cmd and right click cmd pick run as admin

For win 8.1 right click start bottom left of screen and pick command prompt admin

1 - Open administrator command prompt and close web pages and programs like origin.

2 - Type or copy and paste in sfc /scannow and hit enter, This takes 5 min to 15 min SSD vs HD

3 - This can go one of a few ways ..... no errors ... it fixed some errors ..... could not fix all errors...... does not finish checking and errors out ....... and the last one could not fix errors at all :/

4 -After its done reboot and do it again even if you had no errors the first time or had errors, could not fix ... run sfc /scannow again and when its done a second time reboot. You need to do this a and get no errors 2 x in a row ...

5- So if you ran it 2x and no errors your safe you can stop now for now lol, If you had errors first time but not the second then run sfc /scannow again and when its done reboot. You need to get could not find any errors 2 x to be safe. If it still finds errors try and run it a few more times until it finds no errors 2x AND ALWAYS REBOOT BETWEEN RUNNING sfc /scannow

6 - If you get a message indicating that it can not be repaired and you ran sfc /scannow more then 3x in a row on win vista or 7 mm you need a format or try repair win 7 :/ But after format or repair and all updates are done run sfc /scannow to make sure your windows is stable same deal 2x error free reboot between them.

If your O/S is Win8 or Win 8,1 then you can run this next command / line in administrator command prompt. Sadly this does not work for win vista or 7 :/ It will restore the health of your PC and you dont lose anything and it will also fix errors in the registry :]

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth ------- ONLY works for windows 8 and 8.1

7 - When its done reboot



Latest version of DirectX see this page

Reinstall Microsoft C++

Update your Microsoft .NET framework.

Adobe Flash Player update


Also do this....


Run the game as Administrator:
Go to the Origin games folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4) and find Bf4.exe. Right click it and go to PROPERTIES, then COMPATIBILITY and check the box next to RUN THIS PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR.
Do the same with BF4_x86.exe as well.

Run Origin as Administrator:
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin and right click on Origin.exe and go to properties. Then go to compatibility tab and check the box next to RUN AS ADMIN.

Disable Origin in game:
In Origin - Application settings - Origin in Game - disable Origin in game

Origin Cloud Storage turn it off
Origin, settings, General

Make Sure BF4 is set to 64bit if your windows is 64bit
1- open origin and go to My Games
2-Right click BF4 and go to Game Properties
3-Under when launching this game set it to x64 and check off disable origin in game.
4- Hit apply and test you BF4

Another thing that may be worth trying: run a Clean Boot: http://help.ea.com/en/article/how-to-clean-boot-your-pc/
This should ensure that no programs are interfering in the background.

If all this fails to fix it then try this...

BF4 folder in my documents holds game configs and screen shots even if BF4 is installed on different drive. When you uninstall BF4 it does NOT remove this folder. So when you install the game again you can still have the same issues. Even if its not a new install it is still worth trying as the game cfg could be mucked up.

1- Go to my Documents and remove BF4 folder place it on your Desktop or trash.
2- Be warned you do have to set up your in game settings again.
3-Repair BF4
4- When done go test your game. If it fails reboot your PC and run repair game again and test BF4.

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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Hi, thank you for your reply, but you write about how to fix BF4 ,but this error is in first step - When i doubleclick on Origin client desktop icon.

Can I play BF4 without Origin? Can i download this game without it and instal BF4, loggin with ID from website Origin, and play?


I have got original game, but Origin dont work...


So : I tryed sfc /scannow. No errors 2x times.

I tryed run Origin as administrator, i tryed Latest version of DirectX , Reinstall Microsoft C++, Update my Microsoft .NET framework. and Adobe Flash Player.


Still not working.

I really hope, there is any solution for fix this problem.

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

Hero (Retired)

Watch this video it will help you understand this error more.




No you need origin to play BF4 and you have to be logged into origin to play BF4

Another thing to try is re- install origin only. The registry part is Very Important to do !


Go download CC cleaner the free version and install CC cleaner on your PC.

Remove origin using the tools area of CC cleaner then reboot the PC.

Once back on desk top then open CC cleaner again.This time go to the registry area and scan for issues , then pick fix selected issues it will give you the choice to do a back up. Then pick fix all selected issues you may have a ton of issues if you never have used this before its normal. Then reboot your PC again and do all the registry steps again until it finds none. Reboot your PC after you do each scan on registry. Once it finds none then move to the next step.

Now install Origin when done reboot.


Download the latest here: http://origin.com/download


Reboot PC and test Origin / game

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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I had the same problem (0xc000007b during opening orgin client). 


Tried all , nothing worked till i tried download and use this program: VC Redist Installer 1.6.0.


I downloaded it here :




I've run program, and orgin client responded. 



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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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same for me:

VC_RedistInstaller.exe fixed it for me

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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Worked for me as well, after looking and trying essentially everything else. Thank you!

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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You are a phenomenol person for posting that bit of information. Im almost always stuck doing drastic things to get stuff to work after I learned that any and all known fixes didnt work but not this time!

That VC_Redistinstaller.exe thing is quite the package for dll problems lol

Also, thanks to the guy above for providing that CMD line! Never knew that existed until now lol

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Re: Origin error 0xc00007b - how to fix it?

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Wow. Just wow. I was looking for a solution for almost a year, found the weirdest pseudo-solutions and found all of it to be gibberish.


But this precious little VC Redist Installer right here - worked. Just like that.


My infinite gratitude to you guys! Standard smile

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