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Complete Support - Origin

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Welcome to the complete support page for Origin. Click on any of the below categories to find information about the problem that you are experiencing:

Important: contact support directly for any account or security related issues that require changes to your account.



 Linking and Moving Accounts


Linking a Console ID 

 Banned Account 


 Changing Account Information


 Delete EA Account  Minor Accounts 


 Billing & Purchasing


 Refunds and Cancellations



 Origin Payment Error Codes



 Fraudulent Charges 






 Order History and Status



Where to Buy EA Games





 Connection Troubleshooting 



 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - PC



 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - MAC

 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - Xbox


 Advanced Connection  Troubleshooting - PlayStation



 Open TCP and UDP Ports



 Online Login Unavailable



Checking Server Status





 Customer Support 


 EA Help 



 EA Help Twitter 





 Report Cheating



Backup and Restore Games



 Install via Disc



 Clear Origin Cache


 Manually Uninstall Origin 

 Origin In-game 


 Origin Error Reporting 


 Change Language Settings 

 Conflicting Programs 


 Operating System not Supported 



 Great Game Guarantee


 Origin Errors


MFPlat.dll Missing 


 MSVCP and MSVCR Issues



 Origin Mac



Missing Games and Expansions



Stuck Download or Installation




Guide to Maintaining Account Security

 Lost Security Question  

  Lost Authenticator 


 Login Verification 



 Hacked Account 


 Reset Password 


 Setting a Security Question 


How to provide Proof of Purchase   


Origin Access


Manage your Origin Access Membership



Upgrade to Premier with Origin Access 



Playing games using Origin Access



Origin Access bugs and issues



Get Origin Access



 Origin Installer Error Codes


Error Code
























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Origin Client Error Codes


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Complete Support - Origin Connection Issues

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Find out how to solve common connection issues by clicking on one of the below scenarios:




Online login is currently unavailable


This error message is often caused by a bad proxy, and can be resolved in the following manner:


  • Go to Control Panel
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Click the Connections tab, from there click LAN Settings
  • Deselect the option Use a proxy server for your LAN
  • Click OK and Apply, now restart your computer

We've also seen that this error message can be resolved by:

  • Making sure your Windows system date and time is set to automatic
  • Temporarily removing or disabling USB or other storage devices on your system



How do I fix Connection issues with Origin?

If you can’t connect to Origin, it’s usually due to a blockage of data somewhere along the route of your Internet connection.

Some of the things that can get between Origin and the Internet can be:

  • Firewalls and Internet Security Software: Make sure that you’ve added the Origin client as an exception to any Firewalls or other Internet Security Software, like Ad-Block, you may have running so that your connection to our servers isn’t blocked.

  • Your software may even have some Internet ports blocked. If so, the following are used by the Origin client and must be open for a smooth connection:

    • TCP: 80; 443; 9960-9969; 1024-1124; 3216; 18000; 18120; 18060; 27900; 28910; 29900
    • UDP: 1024-1124; 18000; 29900




How do I fix remaining connection issues with Origin?




What programs might conflict with Origin?


If you’ve experienced connection issues after updating the Origin client, you may need to reconfigure your antivirus or firewall settings.

Improperly configured settings can result in your Origin client being unable to update properly, blocking your access.

Usually these issues appear as either difficulty in establishing a connection to Origin, the inability to download, install, or play games, or difficulty using the Origin Store

There are two easy solutions to these problems:

  • Give the Origin client permission to update. 
    • Adding the Origin client to your security program’s “safe” or “allowed” list will usually resolve any connectivity problems that you’re having. Consult your individual program’s software manual, FAQ, or help site for details on how to configure your safe list. 
  • Close background programs before running the Origin client. 
    • Disabling your security software can instantly cure connectivity issues, but it can also leave you open to actual threats. If you opt to turn off your antivirus or firewall program, be sure to re-enable it when you’re done using the Origin client. 
  • Disabling add-ons/extensions/plug-ins before running Originor accessing the Origin store.
    • Disabling certain add-ons/extensions/plug-ins that may be interfering with the Origin Store can allow you to continue using the store with less difficulty. You may also wish to try right clicking on the page and selecting "Allow Origin" as this can by-pass some issues.

Below is a list of programs that may cause interference with Origin updates. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Anti-Virus Programs 
    • Avast! 
    • AVG Anti-virus 
    • BitDefender 
    • Kaspersky Anti-virus 
    • McAfee Anti-virus 
    • Nod32 Anti-virus 
    • Norton/Symantec Anti-virus 
    • Panda Anti-virus 
    • Trend Micro 
  • Anti-Spyware Programs 
    • Ad Aware 
    • Spybot Search & Destroy 
    • Spycatcher Express 
    • Webroot Spy Sweeper 
  • Firewall/Security Programs 
    • Comodo 
    • McAfee Personal Firewall 
    • Panda Internet Security 
    • Zone Alarm 
    • Online Armor
  • Add-ons/Extensions/Plug-ins
    • AdBlock Plus
    • No-Script



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