Strategies in NHL 23

by Andochiefs

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Strategies in NHL 23

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Are they going to fix strategies in the game so we can go back and edited them like we did in previous games? (picture I’ve provided.)  


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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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@Andochiefs Nope, they’ve confirmed that it’s completely intentional that we can’t change strategies. They actively chose to take this feature away from us. They don’t want us to be able to customize or choose how we play the game.
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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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@heavydutyrammer are you joking, where did you see that
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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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The reasoning behind this is that you're not playing the rule of the coach so it's up to the coach to handle strategies.

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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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You’re not the coach, but you do still get to decide who plays on what line and players will come to you to complain about ice time.

We also assign you a random coach and don’t offer any replacement options.

Also, you are only the GM, but make sure the facility is maintained.

Not a shot at you @EA_Aljo , but this sure is some kind of EA logic.



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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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@EA_Aljo , that’s fine and all. The problem is when you fire your coach, and hire a new one the strategies DO NOT change to the new coaches preferences.


that means we are stuck with the same default strategies of our first coach for the duration of franchise mode. 

That means that if I have a defensive coach but want to switch to an offensive strategy set I cannot, no matter who I hire.


at least last year I could manually change my line strategies and defensive instructions to match my new coach.


how do you guys not see this as a problem?

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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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@Caliboy6262_714 Does the new coaches strategies appear in the season after you hired him?
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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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Unfortunately not. Tested and confirmed 

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Re: Strategies in NHL 23

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Lol, weak.

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Betreff: Strategies in NHL 23

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on series x same problem, i fired my headcoach to get other strategys, but they did not change... still the same strategy from the old headcoach... EA, please fix this


btw.... seriously.... fireing a headcoach to get other strategys???? come on... that cannot be intended EA... :D


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