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Re: Input lag

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@EA_Aljo  Another one someone has posted...  NHL 21 input lag - YouTube


would you like me to just continue posting the links here?

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Re: Input lag

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I don't play drop-ins, but the input delay also happens in 1s, which is a similar concept. I have no clue what setting my club server to "Central" would do considering I'm closest to East and get the lowest ping on East. They're club search games, and I've played on East, Central, and Northeast -- whatever the search dictates. My ping is 18-30 between all 3 servers: I'm almost equidistant. The massive input delay is pervasive between all 3. No other game gives me this issue. I'm sorry, but it's some issue with the servers and not a matter of club region. 

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Re: Input lag

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@EA_Aljo You still haven't explained why gameplay feels so much different from Online Versus to HUT online? @Fredbooger offered an explanation so is what he saying true? Honestly if I knew this input lag was going to be an issue that can't be solved simply because not enough people have reported it, I would have never bought the Ultimate Edition. I fully anticipated being competitive in HUT online but unable to because of this lag that has me handicapped compared to other players. I also made a post on EA NHL 22's most recent Facebook post about anyone experiencing an input lag. And sure enough it is the most liked comment.
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Re: Input lag

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This is currently being looked into. Some additional details will help with the investigation. Please submit the following:


  • Console you play on 
  • Gamertag or PSN ID
  • Connection type (wireless or wired)
  • Region
  • Name of ISP
  • Mode(s) the lag is occurring in

Thank you. 

EA_Blueberry: Accepting solution for more visibility on the information we're requesting. 

If you are experiencing input lag or lag in general, we highly recommend going through these steps here prior to posting to ensure all basic troubleshooting has been completed on your end and local network issues are ruled out.


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Re: Input lag

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  • Xbox Series X
  • Wired
  • Southeastern PA
  • Comcast
  • World of Chel




I downloaded the PingPlotter, for those who suggested it, but I have no clue what IP to type in. 

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Re: Input lag

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Online Versus uses a peer to peer connection. This means you or your opponent are the host. If either of you has a bad connection, both will feel it. For example, if your opponent is on a wireless connection, that will be felt by both players. HUT and EASHL use dedicated servers. Those are typically going to give a better connection. Except in the case where you're playing someone through a P2P connection that is very close and both players have good connections. If you're in a location far from a dedicated server, this can give a better connection since the distance to a dedicated server is going to be farther away. 


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Re: Input lag

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Except none of us seem to have peer-to-peer issues. The issues are with the dedicated servers. 

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Re: Input lag

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Xbox series X



Verizon Fios 300/300mbs AND Comcast 200mbs

 Input delay in hut and world of chel (I don’t normally play world of chel but tested a couple of games)

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Re: Input lag

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@EA_Aljo Xbox Series X
Wired connection
North Central Region
Shaw is ISP
The lag occurs on online HUT modes like Rivals and HUT Champions
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Re: Input lag

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@Nohtan @DeliveryForKiki @Fredbooger 


I forgot to mention we also need your gamertag or PSN ID that you play on. Please provide that as well.

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