(PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

by rbv3zina

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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SIR, i think people are sick to death of you guys making out its everyone elses fault but your company.


If this were a house, a music cd, a dvd film or hospital treatment, you would be sued. Just another way you guys can do what you like and get away with it.


I think whats needed here is a gaming ajudicator that can punish developers for this BS. Developers should stop taking the buying public for mugs and sort your quality out. When companies such as yourselves rake in money and forget quality and who keeps you in your jobs like the public, its now getting beyond reasoning.


You must have known this game breaking BS was in here, yet you released it. I cant play it until this is sorted out and you should be held accountable, not the paying customer who are now thinking its their console causing it, when its clearly your lack of quality causing it.

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@Jukkies I agree, it's crashed on me 3 times tonight in less than an hour.
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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Day 6, errors persist.

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@Jukkies Hi, Yeah had the same exact issue on mine. All other games works perfectly without crashing, just on NFS Heat.
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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Hi Barry thank you for the update hopefully these issues get patched by this weekend.


i have already reported similar issues on this page. You can scroll back.


Another report update; ive been having constant crashes and freezes everyday per 10-20mins.


yesterday it wouldn’t even loading solo or online from main menu and completely crashes nd shuts down without connecting. I decided to delete game application and reinstall it for the 5th time. It worked.


i found out few races are broken in the game from outside the city and inside too, and decals and livery crashes the game too. I’ve been playing without since launch date. Yesterday I tried it on La Ferrari it immediately crashed after a race completed it.


Coming out the main garage sometimes causes Loading screen to crashes and freezes.


I will update this comment with a weird and unusual noise video link from NFS Heat Reddit page. It doesn’t happen on any other games only on need for speed. Has anyone else have the same problem when starting game app? I even compare it to MW19 start up app in the video.



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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@Ninja-Knickers wrote:

The thing is this is ONLY happening with NFS Heat, I can't remember the last time any of my other games crashed once but NFS Heat is crashing every 5 minutes - so I highly doubt It's a problem with my system and It's obviously an issue with the game.

Yeah me too 

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(bug ) Playstation 4 freeze error code CE-34878-0

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Product: Need for Speed Heat
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Summarize your bug at the beginning of ANY race/event, the game will freeze and load up the blue playstation home screen with the error message CE-34878-0 tried a reinstall and not improved the issue at all. On another thread i saw about reducing the customisation, this has helped a little but not much still freezing with the same error message.
What car were you using? Nissan 180sx
Was the car your own build or downloaded from the in-game community? Community Build
What was the last event you played? Ultra sharp. but it has happened on every event i have tried to play both night and day events
Was it a day or a night event? Night Event
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? fully customise the same car or any car then start the even ultra sharp or any event and random points of the event the game freezes for me for whatever reason. i have an upgraded 1tb hardrive instead of 500mb i dont know if that will effect it.
What happens when the bug occurs? game freezes, puts me on the blue playstation home screen with the error message CE-34878-0 then i upload the clip to sony
What do you expect to see? honestly i just wonna play the game how its meant to be played without it bugging out. at least a patch would be nice to fix this issue?



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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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A mi me paso algo similar, cuando el servidor me saco, me salio algo de que (El servidor online no coinside con el almacenaje local si lo haces no podras seguir jugando multiplayer, cuando le dije que si, perdi todos los coches que habia comprado los de la edition, todo mi dinero, ahora me sale bloqueado las obsiones de diseño, dice que " recuperando diseños personalizados" 😕

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Does anyone knows if they going to fix it soon, I literally lost over 30 rep points, and it happened right I escaped the cops, this is disrespectful af, and the fact that EA doesn't give a f, gives everyone a fair reason to want their money back. If it's not fixed I'm honestly gonna return the game, and never give EA a chance ever, there's way better games and companies that actually care about their products and more importantly their customers.

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@Lukbeehaeeeenlol No one cares at EA, just bin it and move on like i have. Its a waste of space
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