Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

by EA_David

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Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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Hello there!


The team has been working hard on finalizing the June update, and we’re happy to announce it will be released tomorrow, June 9. It addresses the missing vanity items for 100%ing the game and you should encounter DR1005 less often.


We’re also thrilled to announce that cross-play is coming to Need for Speed Heat, allowing you to cruise Palm City with your friends, regardless of platform.


It’s been quite a packed week for Need for Speed, and we have published an article on our website that tells you everything you need to know beyond the update notes.


We switched up the order in which the update is released for the platforms, starting with Xbox, followed by PlayStation and then PC. More info about estimated file sizes and timing at the end of this post.


Now let’s jump into the update notes, starting with the newest addition: Cross-play.



Update Notes



Added Cross-play functionality across all platforms. 


Once you’ve installed the June update, you will be prompted with the option to activate cross-play, which you can later find in the privacy settings in the game menu. Opting in will allow you to race players across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on the same server. 

You can search for friends in the Find Players menu. Head over to the Party Menu and check the new EA Friends tab to see who’s online across all platforms. In order to create a party and invite them to your game, they naturally need to opt-in for cross-play as well.

In the game, you will see icons next to players' names, indicating which platform they’re playing on, and you can use the proximity voice chat to talk to them.


General Fixes

  • Improved cop car logic to reduce occurrences where cop cars significantly reduced player car health in one hit.
  • Some cops would behave very passive while in a pursuit and not perform maneuvers to stop your car. They should now be more motivated to take you down as long as they’re actively pursuing you. This is no overall buff or nerf of the cops, it just affected a small percentage of cop cars that were pursuing, but not engaging.
  • We fixed an issue where some rewards didn't trigger correctly when hitting 100% of collectables. You should now receive the vanity items Rainbow Nitrous, Black Tire Smoke and the “If you’re happy and you know it” horn.
  • Made a few tweaks so you should encounter error DR1005 less often.
  • Similarly, the probability of inventory synchronization errors has been significantly reduced.


  • When rushing through the tunnel in Mendoza Keys, you should no longer encounter solid walls popping in.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause vegetation to appear on roads when choosing low and medium graphic settings and using a specific video card.
  • The ‘Racer Challenges’ in the garage should no longer be displayed after reaching Rep level 50.
  • The ‘Rival Crews’ menu is no longer visible in the main menu when you boot the game while offline.
  • Fixed an issue where a time trial wouldn’t show any ghost car when you started it.
  • After driving to a time trial starting point, looking at the leaderboard panel should no longer be blank.
  • A specific beanie was only visible from close range, now it can also be seen from afar.


  • Cops will now refer to the McLaren P1 GTR correctly in cop chatter.


  • Reworked train wagon collision models in Fort Callahan to prevent your car becoming stuck under them.
  • We took a closer look at a few spots where cop cars could drive on the bottom of the ocean or riverbed. Their cars should now get wrecked as intended, and while they’re busy with their own cars, they should no longer be busting you.


  • Added a sound system interaction point for the Aston Martin Vulcan ‘16.
  • All colors should now be displayed correctly when using specific paints on the side of the Chevrolet Camaro Z28.
  • Decal interaction points for the Lamborghini Aventador S ‘18 and the Roadster variant now work as intended.
  • The second set of stock rims now is aligned with the tires of the Land Rover Defender 110 ‘15.
  • Added a sound system interaction point for the Land Rover Defender 110 ‘15.
  • When using the wide Porsche rear fender on the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.8, aftermarket tail light tints should now be displayed correctly.
  • The Alchemist rear bumper for the Ford Mustang ‘65 is now displayed correctly.
  • Decals applied to the Varis front bumper of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX ‘07 will no longer vanish when accelerating.
  • You can now purchase the stock spoiler for the Nissan 180SX starter car.
  • The model of the Porsche Cayman GT4 2015 now has the spoiler equipped that is displayed in the dealership icon.
  • Added missing sound system interaction point to the Volkswagen Golf GTI ‘76.
  • Added missing sound system interaction point to the Volkswagen Beetle ‘63.


  • The AI drivers would follow interesting routes in a handful of races. We took a look and they should now stick to the racing line.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when you restarted a time trial after finishing it for the first time and beating the ghost’s time. The UI could behave in a way that would display the ghost from the first time trial run, while you were actually competing against the next best time. That could lead to situations where you thought you beat the opponent, but you also didn’t. This should no longer occur, and the ghost that you see is the one your time will be measured against.
  • When completing the ‘Picknick’ time trial and coming in second, you should now receive the correct amount of Bank.
  • You should now be able to restart the ‘Upload’ mission as intended.

We also improved overall stability and fixed rare instances where the game would crash or hang.


Release Timing - June 9

  • Xbox One - 7:00 UTC
  • PS4 - 8:00 UTC
  • PC - 9:00 UTC (Origin / Steam)

Estimated File Sizes



  • Xbox One - 6.90 GB
  • PS4 - 7.16. GB
  • PC - 1.10 GB
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Re: Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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100 isn't ENOUGH AT ALL!

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Re: Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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Add Steam achievements to the Steam version please! Disappointed

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Re: Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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@EA_David As expected this game is dropped.Sadly with current situation of Fake Criterion I still dont have high hope in NFS2021.
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Re: Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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Why is the file update 7 GB for ps4? Theres really nothing new added.

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Re: Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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@GK3512 "Fake Criterion"? Could you explain?
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After 3 months of long waiting for a new update for heat and this is what u guys are gonna give ?Crossplay ?seriously ?u guys coulda added the 2 hidden KS cars or add more wrap slots that one of the guy mentioned and not just crossplay cause that ain't gonna bring any more ppl back 

So I basically wasted 40 dollars on deluxe edition on pre ordering got it

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Re: Need for Speed Heat - June Update - Update Notes

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@Daniel_LLITPEK Criterion Games fell apart in 2013 following Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry left with few others for their own dev team Three Fields.This Criterion is mainly Ghost dev(former Real Criterion without core devs)What this team did in the past after 2013 were supportive work in Battlefields and Star Wars.Kinda like what Ghost(EA Gothenburg) is now.Renderware/Chameleon engine of Criterion was dropped when Criterion fell apart in 2013.So Rivals became a Frostbite engine game since Ghost ported it with bugs all over the game.And Fake Criterion never did anything related to racing games in the past.Since Fake Criteiron is still hiring everyone(even law team and security) this team is empty enough to have only the name in common with the Burnout Criterion.
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@EA_David You just proved what everyone been saying about criterion they are not good enough to keep a community engaged and ea dont care about games without in games transaction. You can ban me you can hate me for speaking the truth but.... you guys just made everyone waste money.. my take after over 100hrs of gameplay... when game launch amazing game everything in it is amazing the story was great, the car selection not the best but still a fiew gems hidden i liked it... then was the dreaded waiting game with hearing from anyone in programming about something coming out and what came out in those updates was BS.. SERIOUSLY UNDERGLOWS AND HORN you think I dont know when I’m being thrown crap in my face.. but it was something then it was not until march a real car content appeared and btw both cars are such pieces of junk compare to the 911 that basically brake the game meta. So at the end story amazing but short, car collection basic more worth to pay for then the deluxe version(the biggest waste of deluxe edition ever). Your updates Inexsistent. For 2021 everyone dont get sucked into that waste of a franchise. I’m never buying a game from you and i implore everyone that love racing games DONT BUY THE NEXT. They only care about profit, so hurt them where they care when they back you against the wall
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@benjamin92ab Exactly this is why I'm not buying the next game until I wait till around 1-5 months and watch it die again
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