Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

by n666ma

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Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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From what i learned from the forum this problem is hilariouly common even on consoles. 

I was able to get pretty far through this game without any problems (excluding one random crash somewhere in the beginning but that one didnt really bother me), but then is started freezing in certain races. Both in day and night mode. At the time of writing this post I have faced 2 races (one in day mode and one in night mode) which are impossible to finish as game freezes in the middle of both of them (only music keeps playing in the background lol). Then it either crashes or just keeps staying freezed on my screen. For a second i thought that problem was in my HDD, so I transfered tha game to SSD, but it had no effect\


So like, is there anything i can do aside from blaming EA for releasing raw product? 


i7 7700k 

gtx 1060

16gb ram

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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I have the same problem. I have monitored the cpu, gpu, memory usage and network capacity. There is no problem there. When the game starts to lag and get a frame rate of one image per second, the game use almost no cpu, gpu or disk. And there is plenty of room in the internet connection. Is it EA's servers that cant handle the load? It certainly isn't my computer that is the problem. This is a bug in the local installation or a problem at EA's servers. I have been warned by gaming friends for EA's bad pc support. I am about to join that choir.

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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@sokmine yeah. bad support, theyve told me to clear the cache, do certain things in console, etc. nothing worked, having the same problem as well
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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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Same here already added 21h in game with no problems but after that I got out to make a race and the game crashed ! 


Well the sound was there but nothing was moving and after some time I got the crash report.

Tried to relaunch it the second time it started but it felt buggy and then it happened again while mid-race.

The third time it didn't even launch I was stuck in a Black screen that goes for ages ! ( Did that again just to confirm the problem was still there) 


Things that I tried 


Clear Origin cache 

Used CCleaner (for some reason EA is saying to try it out)


Check if any updates are needed (nothing was needed)

Currently am trying out the "repair" tool in origin to check out for the files (for some reason it takes ages)

Last thing yet hopeless I'll try to re-install (fingers crossed) 


(BTW all this things on PC as well so...)

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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Hello guys Teeth bared


My crash counter  just got to 20

And yea, sound in the video is coming from the freezed game.

Previous 2 times game crashed istantly without freezing or showing any error reports, this time a had to alt+f4. Also after the game was closed this sound remained and it disappeared only after exiting from origin.

This is third night in a row with game crashing in the middle of the race. Of course without saving any progress, so 2 hours of my life are completely wasted. This game became imposible to play through. Instead of choosing between going to garage or risking being caught, I choose between going to garage or risking get the game crashed. This is hilarious.

I hope developers are awared of all this mess.



found this interesting topic:

Yes, I'm running evo X, maybe will try another car tomorrow. But if the evo is the reason it becomes even more ridiculous. What is it? Early acces? Or pre-replease beta?


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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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@amkingchar any updates?
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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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That is exactly what happened to me the sound kept going and had to go to the task manager to end both NFS and origin


Plus the repair method kind of worked the game didn't got stuck on the endless black screen but I had to face worst issues such as endless loading screens on online mode and solo mode 

so that made it unplayable.


I was waiting for about 5 minutes on both modes and still nothing showed up !

Now 2 minutes ago I uninstalled the game and try to re-install it again ( another 6h for download -.- ) 


I hope we have any news from the devs because that is crossing lines!  

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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Also I have many CrashDumps in Documents/Need For Speed Heat. Many but... Game definetely crahsed way more times

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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My son has played 3 hours this afternoon. Almost no freezing-problem today, only a few times and only for a few seconds. I hope this is the new standard behavour. :-)

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Re: Need For Speed Heat Crash/Freeze PC

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*PC player as well* The first day was perfect for me. No crashing, no stuttering, no freezing, etc. I primarily used the starter E30 M3. Got to about Rep level 12 with no problems in anything. 


The last two days have been another story... I'm not sure if it's to do with anything, but I purchased a Mitsubishi Evo 9 and upgraded it. Since then I've gotten freezing; which led to me having to force close via task manager and complete crashes to my desktop. 


It happens all the time now. Seems to be random, ranging from every 5 minutes to every 30 minutes. It's thankfully saved all my progress (minus what I was doing in that moment) but the most recent time I was hit with the "Online save doesn't match local save." I decided to not sync them and just use the online save since I had heard stories of people finding all their stuff gone after that. I never lost anything.


I have since purchased the Mustang GT and it was still crashing, but not as bad. I sold the Evo thinking that was the correlation, but I'm still freezing and crashing. I switched back to the E30 M3 and the crashes have significantly dropped, but they aren't completely gone. 


Last night I purchased an NA Miata and upgraded it. About 10 minutes into free roam with it, there was a crash to desktop. I got pissed and shut my computer down. 


I've updated my drivers, reinstalled origin, reinstalled Heat; but alas, nothing has solved the issue. I has opened up my weekend to play and it seemed like half of it was fighting these launch bugs which sucks.

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