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[Info] Hotfix - 18/05

by EA_Joker

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[Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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EA Community Manager

Hey Sara, hello Scott,


please note that a hotfix was just pushed out, that should address a few issues.


Also apologies for updating the post on short notice. Things change, and I'm only human after all.


As Michael Gamble tweeted, it's just a hotfix. Quote: "Athletic outfit available mid-playthrough, fixed a crash with the SOS quest. Fixed >1080p UI placement"


After installing and applying it, please tell us if you encounter any more issues in the Bug Report section.


Update: If you're having issues launching the game after applying the fix, please check out this thread.


Save traveling, Pathfinders.

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

★★ Apprentice

Can't get the game to launch at all now on Windows 10 x64 after this hotfix:

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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Same, good job lads

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

★ Guide

Seems to have also fixed the Bronze Weapons challenges - Got points in Avenger and Predator from running the tutorial mission.

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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EA Community Manager

Hey @UncleSeano and @Sasco,


if you cannot launch the game, please try the following:


- Go offline in Origin, launch the game, then go online.




- Clear the Origin Cache and restart Origin



Let me know if that works - cheers.

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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FIX AUGMENTATIONS. I accidentally sold a gun that had them now I can't create more of that augmentation. OTHER THAN THAT ITS A GREAT GAME JUST FIX AUGMENTATIONS!!!!
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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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★★★★ Novice

Hey Joker,


If the QA/CS/Production/whoever teams are looking for in the wild confirmations that the fix is live and functions, here ya go. Looks good to me. Space dispensary workers are back on the clock.

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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For both me and my friend the game does not open at all since this patch. We are both playing the Deluxe Edition on Windows 10 (whatever the most basic version of Win10 is). Have tried restarting Origin (in offline and online mode), repairing the game, clearing the cache... Nothing works. There is no error message. I click to play the game, Origin minimises, and then nothing. It was working fine yesterday.

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

EA Community Manager

Hey @DeusJester,


thanks for the video - great to see this is working now.


Next task: Help the guys on Win 10 who cannot launch the game after the hotfix.

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Re: [Info] Hotfix - 18/05

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Thanks for the reply @EA_Joker, Sadly neither option made a difference,


looking in task manager after each attempt, the masseffectandromeda.exe is there for about 5 seconds, only using minimal RAM then closes and Orgin window comes into focus again :/


Even in Offline mode the exe is only open for a few seconds and back to Origin, no mention or attempt to activate is mentioned/seen.



EDIT: I opened the trial exe in the Andromeda folder just for kicks and it loads up fine (so was able to check my Strike Teams) but obviously can't load a game from the non-trial exe

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