v2.0 Update Discussion


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v2.0 Update Discussion

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EA Codemasters Team

Hey everyone,

The v2.0 Update is now rolling out across all platforms as of 11am UTC today Thursday, May 19th. Please ensure you are connected to the internet in order to download the update.


Some headline features from this update include Fog and Dust being added as new weather conditions in Race Creator on certain locations, as well as a new Special Events page complete with leaderboards.


The full Patch Notes are here: https://www.ea.com/games/grid/grid-legends/news/patch-notes-20

Couple of points to make you aware of:


  • The next update to GRID Legends will release in June and will include the first premium DLC pack
  • Flags (that show that items are new/updated) may still be an issue with this patch. We're working on resolving this for a future patch.
  • Over-sensitive directional inputs on things like lap counters in Race Creator are something we're aware of and will be improved and then fixed in later patches.
  • Some of the Xbox shut-down issues may have been resolved with this patch but we're still working with Microsoft to understand why some players are experiencing these.
  • Photo Mode is still on the way! We're making it as good as it can get before releasing it.

Please use this thread to discuss anything to do with this update, or any new issues you have seen arise.


See you on the GRID!



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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

★★ Guide

Any fix for the TEAM name not appearing in quick race and other modes? All it says is "Player team" making the whole "Own your own team" pointless. 

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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

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★★ Apprentice

The new weather conditions are nice.

When are the ultra widescreen issues gonna get fixed?

In that regard Legends is a step back compared to any Codemasters racing game since 2007.

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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

★★ Novice

^ ^^^ I will have what he's smoking!

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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

★★★★ Novice

I appreciate the comment about the flags still showing on items that were previously unlocked not yet being resolved. At least we know that it is being worked on & not overlooked so I appreciate this info. I assume this also includes events where the objectives are complete but events later show as incomplete in terms of individual objectives.


Where should we be seeing the events page? What is it labelled as since I dind't spot anything when I fired up the new update.

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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

EA Codemasters Team
@Jaysamule We are aware of the Team Name issue - it will likely be fixed in a later patch
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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

EA Codemasters Team
@Captain_Iglo_83 Ultrawide issues are being looked at still. More details can be found here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/Ultrawide-resolution-issues/m-p/11499610#M799
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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

EA Codemasters Team
@FluffedShot You'll find this in the 'Social' tab at the bottom of the main menu
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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

★ Guide

The changelog does not seem impressive to be honest... 


I'll still check my list of issues against this patch and will report back to you guys, if anyone still cares.


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Re: v2.0 Update Discussion

★★ Apprentice

Is there any plan to do something about the replays?

The default replay camera in older games used to switch automatically between different viewing angles.

In GRID Legends, the default camera keeps showing a drive-by angle, which is boring to watch. Is this on purpose?

I spoke about this here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/General-Discussion/Replays-have-lost-their-cinematic-feel-since-the-origin...


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