When is a patch coming?

by P4tr1ckSt4rfish

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[Title update] Sept. 2nd

Please see here the patch notes for the Sept. and Title Update: Madden NFL 22 Title Update - September 2nd (ea.com)

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When is a patch coming?

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Pretty straight forward...there is an insane amount of bugs in this game from defensive icons not showing to playart being a mess when you flip your defensive play call and gameplay issues like zones being atrocious. Are these being looked into? If so, what is the ETA on receiving a patch?

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Re: When is a patch coming?

Community Manager

An official date has not been yet confirmed. The team is working to get an update out as soon as possible to address the primary issues they've seen reported from the community.

Keep an eye here for announcements and tune in weekly to our Twitch streams for updates from the Madden Community team.

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Re: When is a patch coming?

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Why isn’t it today? Last week it came out by Wednesday. There’s so many glitches. RPO Bubble screen is broken. Custom playbooks don’t save audibles. The list goes on. It needs a patch ASAP

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Re: When is a patch coming?

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I know at one point of playing madden early in the am, it was servers down on Tuesday’s and rosters/updates on Thursday’s but idk what year of madden that was.

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Re: When is a patch coming?

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Is this going to address the constant crashes on series X? I can barely play it because of the crashing. Sometimes it crashes and restarts my whole system. Brutal...

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Is There A Game Patch Available?

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I'm seeing stuff about a patch but don;t see one for the game.

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Re: When is a patch coming?

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@cozzie1180 I agree we need a patch soon to fix all of our problems with the game. I want to start my offline franchise player and owner modes but need the score reset from zero fixed.
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Re: When is a patch coming?

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@EA_Blueberry you are so fast to patch any good xp but fixing game nobody home
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Re: When is a patch coming?

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