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How to counter the Brainium Basher 9001 (Guide)

by gametrieuk

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How to counter the Brainium Basher 9001 (Guide)

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Ok, come on today I want to give you tips on how to counter BB 9001.


The first two things I would like to emphasize is, BB 9001 is just a punisher of noobs, he is certainly the best character for this, since beginners cannot keep up with him, to make it easier to follow it, a sensitivity of 4.0 or more is required.




With it the ideal should be to maintain a high ground, after all BB 9001 can only attack in a straight line, then climb in high places and when he is going to attack activate Pea Suped to gain even more height over him, trees, houses, pillars, bridges are good examples, if it is not possible to get height and does not have Pea Suped, the ideal is to lean against a wall and launch the Bean Bomb, you will put pressure on it and if it is reached it will be very low and can be easily finished, and if you get caught by the Turbo Twister, just try to do as much damage as possible, and chances are good that another ally will finish it, another good option and kill him while he tries to attack another plant the BB 9001 is extremely bad at 2x1.


UPGRADES: combat adrenaline, last ditch, feed the beast or party time.




One of the best options is to try to hit some slober shots in the long distance while he is facing someone else, trying to devour him is also a great option if he doesn’t have a typhoon, if he does have a typhoon, just throw the goop and bite him at the same time with a high chance of him getting low and getting killed right after, if he is constantly jumping on you, using vampire weed will make you always have a life advantage, which will make his attacks less effective, if you want to advance on him, using chomp thing, dart bath and vampire weed will grant you an attack and life capacity greater than his, another great advice is to always try to stay close to the team so that you will be an even greater threat.


UPGRADES: vampire weed, halitoses, face bite, chomp thing e dart bath.


Kernel Corn


With the Kernel Corn staying at a long distance trying to always shoot the BB 9001 is very effective, you can also use 20/10 and re-corn-naissance to always keep more damage on it and at the same time show where it is for your team, removing the unpredictable factor from the BB 9001, Using quick recob is also a great idea as it will cause you to be able to put infinitely pressure on it which will hinder your HP regeneration, using husk hop to reach high places is good as it makes it difficult to reach you and leaves you with an advantage of vision, use so that you can defend yourself a little more from your investing use Shogun guard, if you want to do a lot of damage to him if he’s on the Turbo Twister you can use Hopscotch or shoot the two Shuck Shots at him


UPGRADES: re-corn-naissance, hopscotch, buttered branches, cornucopia, 10/20, rapid recob and shogun guard.


Night Cap


With Night Cap always try to keep the media at bay this will make Branium's attacks much more predictable and will also make you a difficult target, since due to its big bullet Night Cap can always deliver consistent hits on him, using shadow sling helps him to avoid his attacks and even the Turbo Twister, always try to grab the BB 9001 from behind while he tries to duel with another plant to make him feel very pressed, use Parkour + speedy will make Night Cap virtually untouchable, you can also choose a defensive stance using clear coating and spore-ratic which will make you resistant to at least one dash.


UPGRADES: clear coating, spore-ratic, Parkour, speedy and shadow sling.




Your flamethrower can maintain consistent damage to it, you should also use your fireballs forever with little life even at long distance, excellent accelerant is practically essential as this will cause him to lose a lot of life due to fire with few hits, launching your Blazing Trail and moving around in it will cause fear and if you hit Branium it will cause a lot of damage engulf it will also make it last longer and be even more dangerous, in case you end up falling into the Turbo Twister using Swoop Slam to escape and cause damage is extremely effective what can still be accumulated with incendiary to cause even more damage and reactivate your abiliti faster, ventilation is also great as it allows you to recover your abilities even faster and keep you from overheating.


UPGRADES: ventilation, Incendiary, excellent accelerant and engulf.




With Cactus, what you are going to do is to place many potato mines, to limit the movement of the BB 9001, looking for high places is also a great way to limit Branium's attacks while giving you a view advantage over the map, the Garlic Drone is also extremely effective against him, since he is practically unaffordable for the BB 9001 you can get a good hiding place and use use to attack him, if you’re caught by the Turbo Twister just try to do as much damage as possible with your machine gun, this increases the chance of him being killed by someone else.


UPGRADES: spud spotting, spotlight, health regeneration delay, looting, calibrated and bon voyage.



With your Citron shield you can defend up to 1 minute of attacks from BB 9001, your E.M.Peach cancels the Turbo Twister and in case you don't have E.M.Peach your Spin Dash is also a great way to escape, remember that stunting the BB 9001 while it charges your dash, just make it use the dash and it won't cancel it, Defending someone DPS your team is a great way to make it difficult, because with Citron's support and DPS with one more person it is extremely efficient against Branium Basher, you can also recover bullets when your shield is hit, going in the back is also a great option since Citron has the highest DPS in the game, so few shots have already put Brainium in a critical situation.


UPGRADES: emergency exit, quenching cover, health regeneration, health regeneration delay, linectic energy and peel out.




Acorn is a difficult target to hit that can still dodge with the Acorn Dash from Turbo Twister and other attacks, Sap Trap can cancel Brainium's attack if it hits, when another Oak you can join him and give healing and 50% armor, But the best thing to do is to use the Oak shape, where you can have more life, staying with your team is a good idea because then the BB 9001 will feel pressured to attack you in the meantime you and another ally will attack you, due to the impending damage of Oak and his bullet with a hitbox, it will not be difficult to consistently hit Branium, if you want to make it very difficult, you can use slap back and rewind to be jumping super high and unreachable, if you want to take a defensive position, hardened is a great option.


UPGRADES: hardened, party supplies, nutty feedback, rewind, slap back, health regeneration delay, health regeneration and natural 20.




With the Sunflower, the ideal is always to stay with the team, when you heal them and from overhealing you become your team much more resistant to the attacks of BB 9001, you can also take it out of a group of Plants simply using shove, if you are healing someone and at the same time shooting you will put fear in the BB 9001, Sunflower alone has low chances of winning, but as a group these chances increase a lot, using quick egress helps you to always be able to be close to the team, using upgrades that improve your healing will also help your team have an easier time earning the BB 9001.


UPGRADES: quick egress, shove, vampire flower, full bloom, blossom, cocoon, pocket protection and sunslinger.




With it, just like Sunflower it is best to stay in a team, you should always give preference to applying Jinx on Branium Basher, as this will cause him to take much more damage from you and your allies, this will serve to press the BB 9001 to stay back, if it advances on you the ideal is to launch Goatify on it and then try to take the medium distance or join the team, if you are caught by Turbo Twister the ideal is to activate Arcane Enigma to retreat and run away from him.


UPGRADES: psychedelic goatify, thorn apart, hard target, speedy, s-cape, super savior, carpool, thistle missile.


And to everyone on the forum I came back Wink

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Re: How to counter the Branium Basher 9001 (Guide)

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Re: How to counter the Branium Basher 9001 (Guide)

@gametrieuk Really awesome guide! Standard smile It looks like you put a lot of effort into it and lots of players, especially newer ones, will benefit from it. Well done!

Tell me if you want me to add this guide to my list of "guide shout-outs".
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Re: How to counter the Branium Basher 9001 (Guide)

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@TheSprinter85 I think I would be happy to see my guide on your list of recommendations Wink
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Re: How to counter the Branium Basher 9001 (Guide)

@gametrieuk Alright, done! Standard smile
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