[Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

by PartWeIsh

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[Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

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Hey Folks -


Today we released our Core Feedback for Specialists. You can read it in full, here.


In this development update, we've given you a rundown on where we’re at with our designs and plans for improving the experience that you have with Specialists in Battlefield™ 2042. The feedback that you've given us fits into 3 main topics that we'll recap briefly for you down below.



Class Identity

The biggest point of feedback we’ve heard from you around Specialists is that their current design means you’ve lost the feeling of Class Identity and a more defined sense of role on the Battlefield.


Specialist Gameplay and Balance

Another area of feedback you’ve told us about is Gameplay. This relates to how each Specialist plays and feels on the Battlefield, and how they compare to each other in terms of performance.



The World of Battlefield 2042 is undergoing catastrophic change brought about by violent weather events, dwindling resources, and global war. We heard your feedback that Specialists feel disconnected from this world, both in appearance and voice, which are inconsistent with the life-and-death events taking place around them, and you already started to experience some of the changes that we’ve made here.



What feedback are we looking for?

Now that we've started our Core Feedback for Specialists, we want to hear from you. Below are the main questions we are looking to answer based on your feedback. But feel free to share your further thoughts on anything that we outlined for you today.



  • Do you feel that Specialists are currently categorized into their appropriate Class?


  • Which Gadgets and Throwables do you expect to see in the Loadout for each Class?


  • Are there further changes to Specialists that you expect to see to help enforce Class Identity?


  • Maintaining balance between the Specialties and Traits of all Specialists is something that we continue to look at. Where do you feel we should be focusing on balance changes between Specialists?


Thank you for your patience once again whilst we gathered our thoughts on this topic and identified the best path forward. We're looking forward to your feedback, and we'll return later during Season 2 to follow-up on what you've shared with us.



Freeman // @PartWelsh

Community Lead, Battlefield

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

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★★★★ Guide

One of the biggest issues with Specialists are the abilities they have. Putting into classes is a right step forward, also the Primary weapons need to be class specific too. 


The abilities though, i.e. grapple hook, wing suit, auto turret is the biggest problem, yeah you can divide them into classes etc, but they will always be a problem because of this.


Dont get me wrong I am looking forward to this class system, as it should have been at release, but at the same time I personally will never be happy until these hack/cheat abilities are gone, (hopefully we go back to normal soldiers in the next BF game). 


Nevertheless its a step forward and will be back with feedback once I had a good test and play



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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

★ Expert

Please don't give into the ones that want a class structure from older games.  I like the freedom we have now.

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

★★★★★ Novice

RAO need FXM-33 AAM when u alone play game it help me more effcicency destory air vechles

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

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★★★ Guide

Hard disagree. Specialists are atrocious. Freedom to pick any weapon is good. Locking gadgets to a specific specialist is literally the opposite of freedom. Classes at least pushed players to take more useful things like medkits, ammo boxes, spawn beacons etc. rather than a wingsuit or grappling hook which only benefits one person.

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

★★★★ Guide
@CantGetRight BF games have always been about class structure, its one of its staples of the Battlefield identity. I get that you like the freedom but its a minority that do.
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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

★★★ Newbie

I would love to have the option to play as a nameless mil-sim operator, you have the models that the NPCs use, and you showed us in the trailer the perspective of a common soldier running towards the battlefield, I just don't like playing one character that both factions can use, It would've been a lot better that each faction had their own specialist/operators just like Modern warfare did. instead, we have a clone war

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

★★★★★ Apprentice

There are a lot of obvious things to say like offensive throwables on Assault etc.
But something that I have to stress is that I feel very strongly that Primary weapons shouldn't be locked behind classes.

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

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★ Expert

@Spinner1981The class structure is outdated and needs to go away. When I play portal and the older BF games it feels so restrictive. If they bring back the class structure I am pretty sure it will lose more players as the ones that liked the freedom will not like the change and the ones that did want the class structure won't come back as it won't be enough.

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Re: [Discussion Thread] Core Feedback - Specialists

★★★ Apprentice

Just no, why? After all these change for free of choice now we're back to the old class locked one? I never bought the game If I know soon this game will become like any other previous Battlefield titles. When I bought this game, I specifically want that freedom not like this?!!!

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