Community Transmission — Kamino Comes to Capital Supremacy

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Community Transmission — Kamino Comes to Capital Supremacy



Incoming transmission!

A raging ocean. A stormy sky. Separatists hail blaster fire as they invade the clone factories of your next battlefront.

The next Capital Supremacy map is Kamino—the birthplace of the clone army—but this one offers a different experience than the other two maps thus far. Unlike Geonosis and Kashyyyk, Kamino provides all-out trooper warfare. There are no canyons for speeders to cut through; no pathways for tanks or walkers. This map is steel, fire, and rain meeting in opposition to the sterile white halls within.

Nearly the entirety of the Kamino map you’re familiar with from Galactic Assault will be available to fight across in Capital Supremacy. However, it won’t be exactly the same.

For this iteration of the map, we’ve made the CIS Trident-class assault ship much more present. In fact, you’ll find one in an inoperable state sprawled across Command Post C. This allows for additional cover as well as height should troopers choose to climb up its metal hull.

Playing across this map, you’ll find that the fight has been going on since long before you arrived. Fires, crashed ships, and broken structures paint a picture of warfare as torrential rain falls upon the battlefront.

Kamino will no doubt introduce a change of pace and tactics to Capital Supremacy and we can’t wait for you to let us know what you think of it! Kamino comes to Capital Supremacy in the Siege of Kamino Update on the 22nd of May. Full details on this map and everything else will be available in its release notes.

Edit: Per popular request, these are the locations for the command posts (not official location names):
A: Hangar (clone spawn nearby)
B: Dome room (intact ceiling)
C: Crashed Trident (centre of outside area)
D: Doom room (destroyed ceiling)
E: Archive (droid spawn nearby)

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