Community Transmission - Clone Trooper Appearances

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Community Transmission - Clone Trooper Appearances


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With the recent release of the Elite Corps update, the topic of appearances has never been more prominent within our community. As I’ve said before, we very much appreciate the passion that you have, not just for the Battlefront series, but for Star Wars™ as a whole.

We saw all the discussion around the way the 327th Star Corps were received; we read your feedback and watched your videos. Many of you have commented on the authenticity of these appearances and we are working very closely with our friends at Lucasfilm to ensure accuracy in-game.

With that, we can confirm that we will be making changes to the current 327th Star Corps appearances, which were modelled after Clone Commander Bly. The modified appearances will be inspired by standard 327th Star Corps troopers and will arrive in a future update this winter.

As part of your feedback, we have also reviewed both the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps and the 104th “Wolf Pack” Battalion Clone Troopers, which are part of the September update. We have determined that there are some design changes that need to be implemented for both trooper styles. However, because of the way an update deployment works, all content for September is already locked in what we call “Final” and changing designs now would impact the whole update.

Therefore, rather than delay the September release, we will move forward as planned and will release another update at a later time that will make changes to both the 91st and 104th. By releasing the update as scheduled, we better ensure that we can keep to our Roadmap cadence for future updates. It will also let you play with the new appearances, allowing you to manage your credit balances ahead of the release of General Grievous in October.

The changes we are planning to make to the 91st focus on a mirroring issue of the symbols on both the arms and legs. It is also worth noting that the 91st will not have red pauldrons as they are inspired by the “standard” troopers in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

The 104th also has mirrored shoulder pads, something we'll address by making one grey and one striped to match the reference.

We wanted to talk a little bit about why these changes are happening. The mirroring issue mentioned is a technical issue and one we are working to resolve. Aside from tech, there are also design choices. The initial look of the Clone Troopers comes down to a number of these design choices and inspiration references. Readability of classes is an important aspect for any game that has an online multiplayer component, and where possible we do try to make appearances that allow you to distinguish the class of Trooper.

Work is currently underway to fix all of the stated issues. Should you have already purchased the appearances in-game, you will receive the updated versions automatically with no re-purchase necessary.

Please do keep your feedback coming. Your passion continues to energise and drive us forward.

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