Community Transmission - Clone Commando

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Community Transmission - Clone Commando



Incoming transmission!

The Clone Commando is a resilient fighter who is built for survivability, even against the toughest foes. With the ability to reconfigure his blaster into a grenade launcher he comes well equipped to handle any situation that he’s dealt with.
Should he find himself cornered or in need of making some space he can use his Repulsor Blast to knock enemies away.

As a leader on the battlefront he can strengthen himself and his allies by granting a damage protection buff, using Battle Focus.


Primary Weapon: DC-17m Repeating Blaster Rifle
The DC-17m is the unique weapon of the Clone Commando and became standard issue throughout the Clone Wars.
Due to its ability to reconfigure into a standard blaster rifle or grenade launcher it is capable of fulfilling various combat roles. It’s versatility makes it a dangerous weapon to come up against.

Left Ability: Anti-Armor Attachment
The DC17m reconfigures into a grenade launcher that fires up to 3 small grenades, with high efficiency against vehicles and shields. If the grenade launcher runs out of shells the ability will revert into its cooldown state. Once in cooldown the DC-17m will revert back into a blaster rifle.

Reconfiguration into a blaster rifle can also occur manually, regardless of how many shells you have left. After each shell is fired there will be a brief reload time while the Clone Commando equips another shell into the chamber.

Middle Ability: Battle Focus
The commando goes into battle focus and immediately grants himself and allies around him a damage protection buff, which lowers all damage taken by 25%. Additionally, any damage the commando deals will heal a percentage of his base health.

Right Ability: Repulsor Blast
The commando extends his left arm and discharges a shockwave from his arm-mounted repulsor, that instantly knocks nearby enemies to the ground.

Gamescom Progress
A few weeks ago we were at gamescom where we showcased the Clone Commando for the first time. Since then we’ve made further improvements and changes to him, including:

  • Added the repulsor gadget to the Clone Commandos arm
  • Further improvements and refinements to the abilities
  • Added a first version of a passive messaging system that shows allies and enemies that the Battle Focus buff is active
  • General balance tweaks
  • Updated icons for Battle Focus and Repulsor (ones above are from gamescom)
  • Tweaked default look with details added to key areas

The Clone Commando is due to be released later this month as part of the Cooperation update on the 25th of this month. We’ll be back before then with a Transmission on Felucia and of course, the full release notes. We’ll see you there.

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