Community Transmission: Capital Supremacy on Kashyyyk

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Community Transmission: Capital Supremacy on Kashyyyk



The conflict between the Clones and the Droids continues to rage across the galaxy and has now arrived onto the shores of Kashyyyk. We’re bringing one of our biggest maps to Capital Supremacy, and it arrives this month.
Kashyyyk was always an early contender to become an additional map for Capital Supremacy and we’re excited to be bringing you the Wookiee home world in the next update. This update will take the existing Galactic Assault map and repurpose it, specifically for Capital Supremacy.

The map itself will play out from beach front up to the downed Venator Ship, with five command posts situated between them all.

As a droid, you’ll be spawning on the beach front, while the Clones will be utilising the downed Venator as their spawn location. Talking of the Venator, one thing you’ll notice when playing on Kashyyyk is that it’s now showing the effects of battle, as fire spreads across its hull and smoke billows upwards.

The theme for the map is vehicle graveyard. Heavy assaults from both sides have failed and now it’s time for the infantry to fight for dominance. It’s a lot more strategic than Geonosis Junction Pipeline West as the defending and holding of Command Posts is of greater importance.

This is because the distance between them are further apart. The greater distances and bigger overall environment means the pace is a little slower than Geonosis, allowing for more interesting vehicle play.

The map also opens up some interesting Specialist play. Take the high ground approach to acquire some good sight lines but it will come at a cost of little cover. There will also be a decision to be made as to whether you want to play a sniping role for your team, but by doing so you’ll lose personnel that could be used to attack and defend vital Command Posts.


There are a total of five Command Posts and they are positioned in a figure of eight layout: two near the beach, two near the Venator, and one in the middle.

When you spawn in as a droid, you’ll be on the beach staring upwards with the Venator in the distance. The two closest Command Posts to you will be Village Defence and Forward Operating Base.

The two closest Command Posts to the downed Venator will be Wookiee Tower and the Crash Site. These will be ideal for Clones wanting to capture an early Command Post to gain a foothold into the game. Within the centre of the map is a Command Post we’re expecting to be the local of some fierce firefighting: the Juggernaught Interior.

Village Defence

Located near the shoreline is the Village Defence Command Post. Cover here is provided from the adjacent building, which should provide some relief against clones approaching from the north. To the left of the Command Post is some higher ground, which will need to be watched as it does provide attackers with a potential aerial advantage.

Forward Operating Base

On the right-hand side of the beachfront is the Command Post Forward Operating Base. This Command Post is a bit more open, providing some good sight lines further up the beach, allowing for the droids to get a good view of any approaching clones early in the match.

Juggernaught Interior

Located within the centre of the map is the Juggernaught Interior Command Post. Fighting for this location is expected to be fierce, especially when you consider that it’s placed within the remains of a fallen Juggernaught.

Crash Site

The Crash Site Command Post will be one of the first that Clones will reach upon spawning at the downed Venator. While the proximity to the Venator will make this a potential stronghold for Clones, the lack of cover will be a concern for those on defensive duties. What cover that is provided will arrive in the form of a crashed Republic Transporter.

Wookiee Tower

While the Wookiee Tower Command Post offers good cover, it is susceptible to attacks from all sides. The traditional Wookiee style architecture provides ample opportunity for attackers to plan their attacks and potentially surprise those who are tasked to defend.

Giants Above Kachirho Update

We can’t wait to be storming the beaches of Kashyyyk in Capital Supremacy when it arrives in the Giants Above Kachirho Update on April 24th.

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