Linux support for Battlefield 2042?

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Re: BF2042 - EAC

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@slamclamCheers for the link, and yea, full anti-cheat support with proton really will make linux quite the competitor (it already is outside of gaming obviously, if not better). If Valve get that going then it should make MS a bit twitchy, which i'm all for.


Edit: Good news is the latest statement from valve regarding direct cooperation with EAC/Battleye to get it running is 3 months old, and the reddit post is 9 months old, so let's hope there's some in-house work going on.

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Re: BF2042 EAC - Linux

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There is a solution and that is, if EA could only concentrate on the consoles and only have cloud game services in the future to get around this problem with anticheat. And by the way, it is not the anticheat that is bad, there are just too many who are just trying to get around it.

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Re: BF2042 - EAC

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The problem is that gaming on Linux is in reality "non-existant" compared to Windows/Consoles and it will probably continue to be like that for a long time. For the last 20 years people has talked about Linux as a competitor for Windows on the desktop, and it never happened.


Businesses like EA will not spend much money on a platform with such a small userbase. BF is not even playable on MacOS, which has a much larger userbase than Linux.


But of course if Valve succeeds with all their Linux-efforts, things could (and would) change pretty quickly. That is probably your only hope.

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Re: BF2042 - EAC

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EA and Dice have nothing to do with EAC/Battleye becoming functional in proton, that's entirely Valve atm.

And if they *do* get it running, and they have every incentive to do so if they want to sell those handhelds, then they've basically just removed the biggest reason some people still keep a windows partition, namely functional AAA titles using those anti-cheat systems, which is pretty much the only reason they're not available right now on linux.


No extra development costs, just whatever overhead is used on proton vs the gains of running on linux. (and linux has DLSS/FidelityFX too, though i think through wine/proton for now in the case of the latter, but that's where you'd want it if Valve's gambit works)


And a lot of the people that are on the fence about taking linux for a spin might just think twice, *and* it just shaved off $120 (if we keep oem/student keys out of this for sanity's sake) from someone's budget for building a gaming PC.


And i do agree with you on it currently being niche and the last part of your post @cso7777 , if Valve does pull this off it'll probably change things rather quickly, and wouldn't it be nice to give MS some real incentive and to stop pulling out the odd PC gaming improvement just because a competitor shows up for a minute?


Part of me is wondering if the bone we got thrown with direct access was solely to keep the focus off Valve, kinda like when Vulcan popped up and next thing you know, DX12 is announced and it would give us all that low-level hardware access Vulcan promises and so much more, honest!. (etc etc)

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Re: BF2042 - EAC

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about 400h of my bfv playtime was on linux with lutris, it runs buttersmooth. 

but then out of the blue EA is banning linux players because it (dxvk) allegedly modifies the game ...

shame on them, the 0.001 % linux players did not harm the game as much as the "wearenotallowabouttotalkaboutthempeople".


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Re: BF2042 - EAC

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@frantaypsWell, they're not going to want to take on Valve, but i'm guessing Valve wants that EA library to run, hence Valve working with EAC etc.

Linux will go "legit" even with comp layers. Wink


Edit: In fairness, it *is* modifying the game in a sense, but i know what you meant.

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Linux support for Battlefield 2042?

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Will this game be supported on Linux in some capacity?


Thank you!

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Re: Linux support for Battlefield 2042?

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Probably not natively but Valve's proton is sounding promising for compatibility with windows games.

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Re: Linux support for Battlefield 2042?

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Directly from Dice, not as far as i know, but Valve are working on getting battleye and EAC working under proton (their wine version for the steam deck) so it should be possible once/if Valve gets EAC running.

If a native client is released then there's already native EAC support, but afaik there's no linux client coming.


Can track it here if you're interested;

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