[INFO] Known Information and Current Alerts [28th August 2022]

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[INFO] Known Information and Current Alerts [28th August 2022]

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Hey, check out known Information and emerging Issues here. 

Subscription Renewal Issues - Please post in this thread


Ticket Response Time


  • Average response time on in-game tickets is about 48 hours as of August 24th 2022.


 Maintenance Details

Details: [Source]
DATE: September 1, 2022
TIME: 5:00 AM - 11:00 AM CT (10:00 AM - 4:00 PM UTC)


Known Issues reported on Forums


Known Issues - See this link


Current Alerts


  • Intel 12 CPUs investigated over launcher not opening Fix is at this link 
  • Slow speeder/mounts - see this link
  • F2P players unable to use Chat. - See this Link
  • Screen artifacts and flashes after 5.0 - Players can report at this link (please provide a dxdiag per this link)
  • Symptom: Missing Class Mission - Subscribers are best to submit an In-Game ticket
    Non Subscribers can try and email support@swtor.com
  • Game Crashing on 32Bit OS - Please make a post here in regards to this
  • Companion is missing from Chapter mission - See this link
  • XP / Vista Certificate Error - See the announcement at this Link

Player Help Guides



Previous Alerts


  • Character login issue guild and stronghold - should be resolved advise if further issue related to this
  • 208 Error on Login affecting west coast players - Considered a Internet routing issue will self resolve - advice is simply wait (Resolved)
  • invisible walls issue - some old phases and small planets are still affected, an emergency patch may be required, if so it will likely occur during the week
  • Lag/Freeze when using vette as a companion - being investigated for an upcoming patch [fix in 5.10.1a]
  • Blank Server List - follow this link for updates (Resolved)
  • Issues with Code Redemption, Subscription and Cartel Coin purchases redirecting to ea.com [RESOLVED: don't press the back button on your browser during purchases or code redemption]
  • Chapter XI: Disavowed (speak to Theron Shan) and Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne bug - Fixed in 5.9.1 (Source)
  • We're currently investigating issues with PayPal transaction attempts resulting in browser SSL errors. Updates posted here.
  • Pre-2015 Security key app will not work with IOS11 - See link for removal directions then update to the Security Key IOS application released in 2015, this is supported by IOS 11.
  • Crash on Loading with Windows 10 Creator - MS Patch July 11, 2017—KB4025342 (OS Build 15063.483)  (Link) has fixed this issue
  • Launcher turns black and unresponsive - Bitdefender seems to be affecting see link
  • How to redeem your STAR WARS™: Battlefront™ exclusive in-game items here
  • The Old CS boards will become inaccessible on October 27th 2015 (Source)
  • [FAQ] Knights of the Fallen Empire (Source)
  • Longer than usual wait time for support 
    - We are working through Knights of the Fallen Empire support requests as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience, if you have submitted a ticket we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. (Source)
  • KOTFE Chapter Drops character to Fleet - Right Mouse Click on the character portrait and select "reset all active phases"
  • Character Transfer is Now ONLINE - See (Link) Regional Transfer is now allowed.
  • What happens if I delete my Start at 60 character? See here
  • Symptom: no server list after new install via origin - Workaround: Use the repair utility here.
  • Cyborg Graphics Glitch (Link)
  • Symptom: Crash/Freeze with Nvidia (SLI) and Windows 10 when on a taxi/speeder
    (Source Link and this Link)
    - Workaround - Try disabling SLI and/or placing Grass to 0 in-game
    Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview has reported to fix this issue
    (Updated Workaround - Run the game with Windows 7 compatibility (Source)
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