OLD: Rooted in Style Quest Walkthrough

by Phantomlover1717

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OLD: Rooted in Style Quest Walkthrough

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NEW WALKTHROUGH: https://answers.ea.com/t5/General-Discussion-Feedback/Rooted-in-Style-Stylist-career-walkthrough/m-p...

This walkthrough was made by @SalixCat & @Phantomlover1717
This quest is started by starting the Stylist career in the Fashion building. When you can't finish the quest you'll get another chance of finishing it. 

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Re: Rooted in Style Quest Walkthrough


Where are the hairstyles, reward from this event?


The rewards are two new hairstyles for women, one for girls and one for men. 


Open CAS, hair and makeup salon, then hair and scroll down to the bottom. Click on Shop more hair.  The new hairstyles should be there.


Two new hairstyles for women 


SmartSelect_20190226-001135_The Sims.jpg


SmartSelect_20190226-001215_The Sims.jpg


One new hairstyle for girls


Screenshot_20190226-001537_The Sims.jpg


One new hairstyle for men. 


SmartSelect_20190226-001727_The Sims.jpg



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