[Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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[Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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Learn all about the aging process and how to retire your Sims to get Heirlooms and earn rewards in The Sims Mobile.


Playable Sims will always be adults. That means you can’t play as your Sims’ children, but you can interact with them.


How do I age my Sims up?

Sims will naturally age up as you perform actions, complete events, and gain skills in the game.


What are traits?

Traits give all sorts of bonuses to your Sims that help them in different ways. Some increase chances for XP or daily login bonuses, and others are better for certain kinds of events.

Traits give special bonuses while you’re playing, like the chance to earn more Simoleons or get more Hobby XP.


Traits The Sims Mobile


How do I give my Sims traits?

There are a couple of ways you can give your Sims traits.

  • When you create a Sim, you get to choose one of their traits. And each birthday that they have, you get to choose another new trait for them.
  • If your Sims have children, you can give them the Good Upbringing trait by interacting with them during special Children Events. The more events you have with your children, the more their Good Upbringing trait will improve. This trait will help with events when your Sims are adults.

Your Sims that you create as adults will have four total traits by the time they retire. Sims with the Good Upbringing trait will end up with five traits.

Learn more about Children events and the rewards and bonuses they can give your Sims. 



What’s the deal with retirement?

Sims can retire at level 16, but only if you want them to. Your Sims will let you know when they are ready to retire.


deal with retirement.PNG


When your Sims retire, they will leave behind an Heirloom for your other Sims. These Heirlooms can be used to earn new traits, career levels, and hobbies. You can now purchase Heirlooms in the store.


Have duplicate Heirlooms? You can sell them to get more Heirloom Tickets.

Learn more about Heirlooms and your Lifestyle Rating.


But I’ll miss my Sims when they retire?

They won’t be gone! They’ll still hang around your lot so you can interact with them, but they just become non-playable characters (NPCs).

Your Sims can also be mentored by retired Sims so they can earn career and hobby XP. Learn more about mentoring and Family Events.

And when they retire, you’ll get Heirlooms from them that will help you unlock more things to do in the game. It’s a win-win all around!



Passing on an Heirloom

When you get an Heirloom after retirement, you’ll be taken to the Heirloom screen in the store. Here you can:


  • Open the Retirement Chests that your retired Sim gave you
  • Purchase three chests with different tickets: Heirloom Tickets, Super Heirloom Tickets, and Luxe Heirloom Tickets
  • Earn free Family Chests every 20 hours that include rewards, like Tickets.

Ready to retire Sims Mobile



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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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Not really so win win . After a Sim retires , you will have all these non playable Sims living in your house 


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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

I think you can move them out through the family portrait. 


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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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I am in Canada. My Sim has finished her medical career story. She is about 5 real days old. No retirement option exists where it is supposed to be. Do I wait more real time days? Does she have to finish her hobby story too? Or the random friend story that’s there? Is there someplace where I can read about this in great detail to tell me exactly what needs to be in place so that retirement option will pop up? My house is getting really full of NPCs. Thank you.
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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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After few days they will leave your house or you can go the the family portrait, click on him and chose move out.
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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

Champion (Retired)
My original Sim - Milton - was not quite at the top of the Medical Career. I was working on his relationship with Emily his housemate. When I got the notice he was ready to retire I was surprised and not knowing what would happen I accepted. Now he is GONE from the household leaving only Emily! What happens to his career progress and career rewards?
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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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I keep checking the family portrait and there is no option to do anything. I know of another player that has been waiting five days since her sim finished their career. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or can you tell me do they have to complete all of the stories that have been started in their life thing? My other Sim has finished his career and his hobby but he has a friendship one that I wish he’d never engaged if he has to finish it because I think they’re stupid.
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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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When can i see how old my sim is please
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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

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My sim has all 4 traits but the retire option is not available. I'm on level 20. Do sims have to finish a career(reach level 10) in order to be able to retire? My sim is only on level 5 in her career. She did however finish a hobby story. i'd love to know the requirements (besides level 16, all 4 traits) because clearly that is not all that is needed for a sim to want to retire.

Edit: I have since retired my sim, it took 5 days for the option to pop up after receiving her last trait. (Sims need to have all 4 traits) I did NOT have to reach level 10 in my career.

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Re: [Guide] Aging and retirement in The Sims Mobile

EA app Team
Hi everyone,

Let me try to answer all the questions Standard smile

When a Sim retires they take their career progression with them. You can start the same career with another Sim, they will start over the story - which means Milton being an awesome surgeon doesn't make you an awesome surgeon since day one Wink
However, any Sim in the household will benefit from the rewards Milton got, as well as from the heirloom he left.

You don't need to finish the stories your Sim is doing to get the retirement option. Once your Sim has 4 traits, it's a matter of time - you will get the option to retire them sooner or later if you play with them (as long as you are at level 16 or above).

@messiahbrowny - there's not an indicator of the age in the game, other than the number of traits your Sim has. While they are adults, they get a trait for their birthday.

Happy aging! Standard smile
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