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Re: Add horses/ Farm Animals to Sims 4!

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Yes I agree with that they can add a New Map like they always Do when they make a Big expansion and Call the New Map Like a Farm Land or something where there are a lot of farm Animals Like Horse's , Goat's ,Cows , Llamas , chickens , and other farm animals. Where you can Farm Fresh food Kind Of Like with Gardening and you Farm from the Animals get Fresh Butter , Goat / Cow Milk. They can even put a New job in this farm Land Called "a Farmer" or something. I think that would Be really fun 

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Re: Add horses to sims 4!

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@ClaireLune77 i Completely agree with you why they add Horses in Sims 3 and then take them out in The Sims 4 Why? I Loved it when they had Horses I Wish they put them back in
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Re: Add horses/ Farm Animals to Sims 4!

@Shadow0534 You can do this with Cottage Living and by using the Register with Ministry of Labour on the phone then setting the job title as Farmer. You can use the cows and chickens for fresh produce. I've also added bees from Seasons on some farms to make honey, along with the wider variety of farm crops that were added with cottage living. I've added ducks in the ponds too.
Most of my farmers use retail lots to sell produce. I have a garden centre and a small shop selling jams, preserves and honey. Some just sell direct from their inventories.
I wish we had horses as well and I've said before I don't see why we couldn't have had them in the same animal sheds as the cows and llamas, even if we couldn't ride them (for the reasons devs have already explained regarding the game engine). But you can still play as a farmer and while there are some gameplay bugs it's one of my favourite careers.
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The sims 4 horse stories

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Hey guys! I'm making a suggestion here but if anyone can reply to this and tell me 'sims 4 already has that' then that would be fine!!


So would it be possible to make a 'sims 4 horse stories'?????? It would be an expansion pack, sort of like cottage living. It would have stables, a riding school, and competitions, and it would be in a similar world to cottage living(so out in the country somewhere).

Thanks guys, byee!! Standard smile

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