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How do i get disco chomper

by 007Agent007Agent

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How do i get disco chomper

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What is the best way for me too get the disco chomper u want him really bad I have every other plants except him
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Re: How do i get disco chomper

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I will suggest opening only 40k packs.

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Re: How do i get disco chomper

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I got the pieces to my Disco Chomper from the Zany Zombopolis pack for 40,000 coins per pack. Ultimately the drop rate is determined completely at random so some people get their character pieces quickly while others have become bitter old players convinced that the game hates them due to the length of their wait.
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Re: How do i get disco chomper

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I also can't seem to get the second half of the dc I have spent 30 million in coins and still can't find the other half. I got the first half over six months ago and I am beginning to think that the game thinks I already have it because the pack for 35k that is only for plants no longer gives me a anything but minions.
I now am trying the other packs 35k or more and still no second piece, so how many coins do I have to spend before the other half drops is going to take a a hundred million before I see it. the drop rate needs to be fixed be for this because I'm starting to mostly minions in the other packs and that's awfully expensive to pay for just minions.

from frustrated gamer.
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Re: How do i get disco chomper

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You might be ready to pop, I got the last legendary character sticker at about 31M coins.  i'm surprised Rux didn't offer it to you if it's your last legendary character sticker.

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