FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

by ned_202

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FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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Product: FIFA 22
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Please specify your platform model. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? ned_202
Which mode has this happened in? Career Mode
Which part of the mode? Career mode - manager
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? ...
What happens when the bug occurs? ...
What should be happening instead? ...

I hope EA will quickly fix all DRM caused issues with the game (stutter, lag, slow menus, devices overheating and shutting down).


At this moment (October 16th), we have more than 100 (one hundred) bugs in FIFA 22 Manager Career Mode! 100+ bugs in just one FIFA 22 mode!!! Some of them are listed below. You can find other bugs and more detailed information with videos and screenshots in this thread.




- Youth academy players have very skinny arms (noodle arms)

-  Youth academy players do not have number on their kit when promoted to first team

-  Youth academy players do not have name on their kit when promoted to first team

- If youth academy player has name on the kit it is always a fist name

- Youth academy players are disappearing at the start of a new season

- Homegrown talents starting as a goalkeeper with outfield stats but unable to retrain their position

- Youth academy player cannot change position via development plan – stuck at 1 week and it is not completed

- All youth academy players have only generic boots

- Some 15 years old youth academy players have grey hair or receding hairline. Too often they look like 50 year old manager

- Youth Academy - homegrown talents are losing their potential permanently because of low form bug

- Very high rated regens often found in the free agents list (16 years old 91 OVR striker for example)

- Some regens have very long full name (first name, 5 middle names, 2 last names)

- Sometimes game will crash if you try to enter Youth Academy menu

- Youth player that I have been starting for 5 seasons, the first game of the season is always his debut game (debut to remember commentary with graphics before the match)



- Players position will change when you edit his boots or anything else. Also, all secondary positions that player had before will disappear. Because of this players OVR will drop

- If you substitute player he will lose all form. Straight from excellent to bad even when getting above 8.0 rating after the match

- Subs coming off the bench automatically have bad form which hinders their development

- Player can score a hat trick and receive 5.5 rating after the match

- CPU teams – players are playing out of their normal position. No injuries, everybody is fit yet you can see CM or CB playing as a ST or LW playing as a CDM

- Quick Sub suggestions are always wrong – ST for CB, CM for FW etc.

- CPU will change tactics after 75th minute playing players out of their normal positions

- There is a bug where teams in and around relegation spots never play an actual striker at striker

- CPU is using weak line-ups for very important fixtures (UCL, Europa league, FA Cup) or strongest line-up in trivial matches (pre-season tournament)  



- If you create 5 star club in Premier League you cannot by high rated players. Player  won't move to a league that is not competitive enough for their skills.

- If you create a club in Championship many bugs will appear: club will not be registered as English premiership club when promoted to Premier League, if you qualify for UCL club will be in the same group as other English clubs, you cannot play UCL games because they are not in the calendar, all result for those games will be generated and you will loose 1-0 every time, you will not receive any financial reward for participation in UCL

- Create a Club gives you the option to set your squad age (very young, young, seasoned, etc.) but there's very little difference (if at all) between the squads you get when choosing different options.

- NIKE home kit resets to default after edit

- When selecting to customize the home kit you want, the away kit resets its customization and vice versa.

- Not possible to edit GK kit

- Not possible to add sponsors when you create a kit

- Team number do not have small league logos on them like other teams in same league (different font style)

- Papa John’s Trophy group stage – teams are missing if you use created club

- Not possible to create one-coloured kits because it won't allow you to choose the same colour for primary and secondary colour

- When creating your kit, it doesn't allow you to choose the same design, but with colours reversed, for your away kit

- Create a Club in Polish League - too many players have the same surname

- Upgrade your stadium (choose a bigger stadium). Then go to Office tab -> Finances -> Transactions -> and you can see that actual number of seats will not be increased. You will receive the same amount of money from ticket sales like when you had smaller stadium



- Too often high rated players from big teams are transferred to mid table teams

- Too often big clubs are selling their players to direct rivals

- Too often big clubs are selling their biggest young talents

- After few transfer windows you can find CPU teams with 7 RBs and 8 GKs

- Injured player requesting to play, becomes upset for not playing and request transfer

- New player signings are 1 year less than agreed – for example two years contract becomes one year contract (in all leagues but most frequent in Norway, Sweden, and China)

- One year extension becomes zero years extension (in all leagues but most frequent in Norway, Sweden, and China)

- The remaining time of the existing contract doesn’t add up to the new contract.

- If players contract is not renewed before last 6 months, he places himself on a transfer list without option to negotiate with him

- New player not joining club during first summer transfer window

- Sometimes approved transfers are never completed

- Players that have been sold and awaiting to join their new club still send you messages to look at their current wages

- Game becomes unresponsive (frozen) after the loan negotiations

- Loan to Buy deals are never completed – players are not coming for a loan

- Loaned players are playing against parent clubs

- Player who is regular starter (always play) and very happy (all green thumbs) is complaining that he does not play enough and places himself on transfer list

- Player who is away on an international duty is complaining because he did not play for the club and places himself on transfer list



- Random spectators standing on the pitch during match!

- CPU is not making fouls or sliding tackles

- Save games in career overwrites the autosaves, not the main save file

- Sometimes all saved files will just disappear

- When player returns from  long term injury icon next to his name will change from band aid to ambulance and it will not be possible to use this player

- Not possible to edit manager avatar – menu lag, game becomes unresponsive

- Before the match, teams kits are always set to home (both user and CPU team)

- Referees wearing the same color kit as one of the teams

- Post game manager interview - very loud static sound / noise

- Post game manager interview – microphone is shaking

- You could win the quadruple but still get sacked because you "didn't sell enough youth player for x amount of money". I.E Board expectations unrealistic/too strict

- ‘Make £X profit from youth player sales within 2 seasons’ objective doesn’t register when you sell youth players

- When you get a penalty via handball, commentators say the wrong line and just say it is a foul

- When you get a penalty via handball, commentators will be completely silent

- Commentator states teams league positions incorrectly during the match when league table graphics pops up – teams at the bottom half of the table are winning the league as per commentator

- International break overlaps with league games in other leagues often forcing you to play reserves

- Goal celebrations – player is levitating in the air when he tries to step on ad board   

- Goal celebrations – sometimes fans are levitating in the air

- Late goal celebrations – even if you are losing 5-0, if you score in the stoppage time, celebrations are like you won Champions League

- Manchester City and Liverpool tactics do not work. You can counter and destroy them with Championship team on Ultimate difficulty

- Sometimes Tetris like discolorations will appear on the pitch

- Sometimes all players will have dark shadow (black outline) around them

- Fratton Park problem with Tele Broadcast camera – stadium roof (support beam) is clipping through and blocking upper part on the screen

- Game crushes in manager career mode on June 17. Not possible to start second season in Premier League

- Sometimes when taking a Goal Kick, ALL players will go stand way up at the halfway line (even if you call on them none will come)

- Sometimes letters/text is missing on pop-up during the match – no player names or unknown player, top scorer pops up without player name or number of goals etc.

- GK gloves are clipping through his long sleeves

- After you finish editing player game will drop you straight to main career mode menu

- Champions badge does not appear in the champions team kit as it should in the Portuguese league

- Career mode crashing during monthly simulation

- Managers confidence rating drops without explanation or reason

- Not possible to progress to Europa League knock-out stage if you win the group with Rangers FC

- Too often we can see completely worn out pitch – EA should be aware that big clubs would never allow this to happen especially in English Premier League.

- After a simulated match in the Premier League the game shows an aggregate above the final result.

- When simulating a match and you're skipping to the end result, the A.I. sometimes makes 4 or 5 substitutes during the game, whilst you can actually only use 3 substitutes

- Career Mode with Rapid Wien. In the 2nd season the Austrian Cup just disappeared from the calendar

- You can see a Tifo of an average player still active in the club

- If you edit a player to wear long sleeves, he will wear short sleeves if it is raining

- Two teams are wearing Champions League Winner badge on their kits (current winner and winner from previous year)

- If you skip dialogue during a transfer negotiation, cutscene will disappeared, leaving the text in the main menu background

- Commentator says that goalkeeper made a save even though he didn't even touch the ball... Goal kick happens after that

- You cannot play in UCL or Europa League if you qualify for those competitions with CFR Cluj

- Sometimes CPU high press tactic can have very negative effect on stamina for both teams (user and CPU). Stamina for all plyers is red before half time


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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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Can i just add:
Referees wearing the same color as one of the teams, is still a thing..

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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@PitbullSouljah Thanks.


Please if you remember anything else just post it here. It will be difficult for EA to ignore a list of 30+ bugs on their official forum. 

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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YouTuber TheMasterBucks was shocked to see youth academy player with noodle arms:


YouTuber ChesnoidGaming lost his entire save:


YouTuber MGH having problems with player coming back from long term injury:

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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These were all reported by numerous people during the beta and still all unfixed and all not even acknowledged except for the first names on youth players shirts apparently being fixed in the first TU.

Trying to get a response from EA is harder than teaching my cat Japanese...

Unless it's a FUT issue, those get answered real quick.

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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- Regardless of their perfomance, all players that are subbed on receive a poor match rating and go straight to bad form after the game. 

- Match ratings in general seem to be a bit out of whack. It's incredibly hard to get a good or very good rating for defenders and goalkeepers. I've had goalkeepers make 6-7 incredible saves, keep a clean sheet, and come away with a match rating between 6 and 6.5 nonetheless.

- Transfer AI is not good/ unrealistic. For example Greenwood to Wolverhampton, Foden to Juventus in the first winter transfer window (first summer window disabled). --> Big clubs too often sell their biggest talents. High potential players move to clubs that are equal to or worse than their current club (Gravenberch to Roma).

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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Yeah I know they do not care at all about offline modes.


It’s like EA is sabotaging career mode on purpose. How can you explain manager wearing full kit in FIFA 21 or all these new bugs in FIFA 22? You can’t.


I don’t think they are aware how many people buy this game just to play career mode. I play FIFA career mode because there is no other football game available and I don't like FM that much.

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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CPU transfers are disaster. I agree with everything you said.


- Players transfer to often to direct rival – Barca players to Real, Lazio players to Roma, Saka always end up in Tottenham…

- After few transfer windows you can find CPU teams with 7 RBs and 8 GKs.



- Manchester City and Liverpool tactics do not work. You can counter and destroy them with Championship team on Ultimate difficulty.

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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I think that i had pretty much all of those issues... so many bugs

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Re: FIFA 22 – Career Mode Manager – List of bugs

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YouTuber Sparring DK have issues with his home ground pitch – discolorations, Tetris like shapes on the pitch: 

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