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by giborrr

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Every time I finish a fifa game it kicks me off ultimate team after the game and when I load ultimate team back up it says that I disconnected from the game and counts as a DNF

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Disconnect whenever the match finishes and says that I'm leaving ultimate team

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If I win or lose the game, as soon as it should say advance I get kicked off ultimate team and get a DNF.

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Disconnected from games

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Hi ea, 

on fifa 21 ultimate team I’m about to finish my eighth icon swap but now I get kicked out of ultimate team at the end of every match, then, when I sign back in it counts it as a loss. Please help me fix this

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Disconnected at the end of every game, including in Weekend League

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At the end of every game, no matter the result, I will get an error message saying that there has been an error and that I will be returned to the main menu.


This happens in every game mode, no matter if I win or lose, and it means I have lost many weekend league matches and will be unable to finish it and hence will only get silver 3 as it stands.


My internet is fine, and I have troubleshot all issues and there is no problems.


This appears to be happening for many people.

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Re: Disconnected from games

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Same, I've been 1 win off being able to open the 85 x 3 pack for 3 hours now, please fix it.

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Re: Disconnected at the end of every game, including in Weekend League

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Exactly I was 2 wins away from elite 2 and i won the 1st game but it DIDNT count. Im really frustrated. They most likely wont even get a hold of us back and now its going to count as a loss.

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Re: Disconnected from games

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Same with me but it was not for icon swaps it was for a fut champs game. And i needed to win the game to get to elite 2. Ea please help contact us and fix this problem.

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My fut team won't let me get a finish result it always comes up we can't process your request please try again later then puts me out ultimate team 

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Re: Disconnected from games

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same here,dont  expect to be fixed soon.last year happened on pc and ea told players to not use pause.......

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Re: Server errors?

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It’s happening to me as well, how can this be fixed?

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