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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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@Yiaz_1 they could easily fix this if they pay any attention to this thread, i can't believe they even bother reading this ... @EA_Cade any news on some update on this ?
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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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@Yiaz_1 wrote:
I still get mad at myself for buying this. The very first FIFA i ever bought...
At least lessons learned, they won't see my money anymore.

That's a shame as there was a time where FIFA was awesome and there was exciting new changes and innovations, then Ultimate Team was introduced and EA stopped caring about most of the game, I get why, if I could make billions from selling make believe stickers then I'd so it myself, the difference is that EA have the resources to also make a decent game and are still selling the game for between £60 and £100 depending on what edition you buy. 


I'm sad as I've bought FIFA every year since the first game in the series including the spin offs, FIFA Manager and FIFA Street. I've been a gamer since I can remember and FIFA has always been my most played game each year, Skyrim maybe took the crown one year. I'm a FIFA player, I've always been a FIFA player. I'm not saying treat me better than other customers as I've bought them all, I'm saying I used to LOVE these games but greed ruined them, why make lots of money when you can make all the money? When is enough enough EA? 


If the game was free to play and they made money just from the loot boxes again that would be kind of fair, they cater to the people that are paying. 


It just sucks that an ok-ish game mode has been ruined by a game breaking bug since day 1, the Devs still haven't acknowledged it and the moderators here have made like 4 posts none of which are solutions or road maps to solutions. 


What I want is am awesome career mode but what I'll settle for is the half assed career mode we currently have if it atleast worked. 

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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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@Chris5626 Corporate greed is key. This proves it. No one listens to the little man.
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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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I didn’t realise this was an issue until I had failed every single objective at the end of the season. Scored 17 goals when the objective was for 5 and it said I had failed. Similar with all other objectives. 

Player Career or Manager Career? Player

Competition: Serie A

Team Used: Inter

What didn’t track: goals:conversion, avg rating, monthly objectives

How did the match end? (Did your player get subbed out? Did you quick sim? Did you complete the full 90 minutes?) - player subbed off and skip to result 

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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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@redsfan1470 Still waiting for a response from my detailed bug report that I provided last week as requested.

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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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@redsfan1470 we are all still waiting i'm afraid ...
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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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Player career,

all comps,


match rating not tracking correctly (if I get a 10 in the match/at the end, it is recorded in my stats as a ~6. My average in-match rating is probably 8/9 all comps, but my player's historical record of rating sits at 3.1)

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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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All waiting since launch. Not one player career fix since launch. Still not even being looked at according to the devs (HERE). 



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Re: Career Mode - Stats Not Tracking

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Haven’t played it in months due to the bugs. Checked back in hoping it had been looked at but seems like it’s not worth me installing the latest update.


I can’t believe they just ignored this. What a waste of my money, there should be compensation. 

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Re: Will stats track in FIFA 22?

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@Chris5626 Damn, it might be really frustrating for you...
But we are just a loud minority, unfortunately. Most people are just giving their money away for this gambling machine which is FUT.
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