Career mode bugs

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Career mode bugs

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So I’ve played both manager and player career for ages on fifa, and for the last 2 FIFA’s I’ve noticed many bugs and I’d hoped that all the fifa 20 career mode bugs would’ve been fixed for 21 but most of them still exist, so perhaps people just haven’t noticed them or something I don’t know. 


The bugs I have encountered are as follows:

PLAYER CAREER - Players being forced out of position, e.g for Man City Laporte always starts LB, Jesus Navas starts at CDM, Zinchenko has played CB and so on (this also existed in fifa 20)

- Another bug I’ve experienced is the 5* Weak foot glitch, I complete all the weak foot accomplishments which should bring me to 5* weak foot but for some reason it always caps at 4* (also existed in fifa 20)


- Probably the biggest one I’ve experienced this fifa, on player career if at any point you are substituted, your goals and assists are not counted on your pros career stats, however if you go to the list of all goal scorers in that particular competition it will say your pro has X amount of goals with 0 games played (this is new this fifa from what I’ve experienced)


MANAGER CAREER - I haven’t played too much manager career so there’s only 1 “bug” I’ve come across so far, and that’s the fact I can’t seem to sign most players, I’ve tried to sign mbappe, haaland, sancho, Joao Felix and a few others all to which I got the message “The club is not willing to sell this player as there is not enough depth in this position” I’m not sure if this is a bug or just all clubs are very hesitant to let their players go.


Thats all I’ve encountered so far this fifa, it would be really appreciated if these bugs could be fixed as some have been in the game for over a year now.

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