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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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I started a player career played for two seasons and had to abandon 91 overall rating because of the skill star issue.


Updated last week started new player career currently in third season and now the manager is playing everyone out of position I have midfielders playing as central defenders, central defenders playing as wingers, left backs playing as midfielders, game is totally unplayable and now I have stopped playing career mode again after ive invested a considerable ammount of effort for the second time in 2 months, this years game is a complete mess, i dont think I'm buying FIFA again, I also play FUT and spend some money on it too but I'm not going to this year as a protest! 

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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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What is it now? Bug? 

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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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Exactly! I have BELHANDA playing as Central defender, Luyindama(CD) playing as Right wing, Marcao(CD) playing as defensive midfielder, my own character (ST) playing as left wing, Ryan Babel playing as striker. It's ridiculous 

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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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@illuminasound EA has done nothing to Player Career mode at all. They have not fixed anything. The only thing they did was kind of adjust manager career mode that was it. Player Career is a mess and has been for several years. This year is the worst however. They do not care.
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Re: Fifa 20 Edit Player Menus

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Hey all, 


This thread was created back in September to be a centralized location to provide feedback on FIFA 20's Career Mode. With the release of various fixes and tweaks over the 6 Title Updates for FIFA 20 released so far, we feel that it has adequately served its purpose.


What this means: This thread will be removed from the stickied position on this board. 


What this does not mean: We will no longer be providing feedback to the FIFA team on improving Career Mode. 


If you run across something that needs attention, please create a post and tag me! I would also like to call out this thread one of our Answers HQ Heroes @Dimitri88Vegas has put together to help us more efficiently gather community wants and desires for Career Mode going forward. 


Thanks for all your feedback so far, keep it coming!

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