F1® 22 - Community-Raised Issues


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F1® 22 - Community-Raised Issues

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EA Codemasters Team

Hey racers, 

Thank you for your support since F1® 22's launch. The team are hard at work making tweaks to the game based on the feedback you provide.


What's this post all about?


This post will be used to inform you on issues that the F1® 22 development team are actively investigating or working on that have been raised by the F1® 22 community.


How do I report a bug or issue? 


  • Before starting a new subject in EA Answers, please check to see if we're already tracking your issue in the list below. 
  • If you're not seeing the issue listed below, please visit the F1® 22 Technical Issues and F1® 22 Bug Reports boards to see if someone else has already raised it.
  • If you're still not seeing your issue, please report it using the template that displays when starting a new topic in F1® 22 Bug Reports. Please also attach any relevant files that you think would help the team verify your issue such as screenshots, videos, or hardware configuration files. For account-related issues please reach out to us via EA Help.

What are the issues we're tracking?


There are four categories that issues will be assigned to. Those are as follows:



A significant number of people have reported this issue occurring. The development team is currently investigating the issue to understand how, or if, this can be resolved.



A fix/adjustment has been made and will be issued in a future patch.



This issue has been resolved in the game version listed beside the issue. Please ensure you have updated your game to the latest version.



If marked as such: the issue can't be verified by the development team (therefore unable to resolve), is no longer being reported as an issue, or, is working as intended. Additional context about these particular issues may be linked alongside them.


The below issues have been updated as of Friday, February 17th | Those marked 🆕 have been recently updated/moved.









Patch 1.18 - Click to view

  • ✅  Time Trial leaderboards failing to load when switching between the dry and wet variants on Origin and Xbox

Patch 1.17 - Click to view

  • ✅ Friends list appears empty due to a large number of EA Friends

Patch 1.16 - Click to view

  • Mass disqualifications due to continuing an in-progress race weekend after Patch 1.15
  • Unable to change tyre allocations until starting a Career/Season/Save Game
  • Unable to change tyre allocations beyond the first weekend of a season
  • DRS lights on certain steering wheels were not illuminating at the correct time
  • Slightly incorrect colour on Alpine Livery since Sport Liveries Update
  •  Issue with Alfa Romeo mirror displaying incorrectly

Patch 1.15 - Click to view

Patch 1.14 - Hotfix

  • The Griddy podium emote is not available
  • Unable to access My Team after redeeming Mika Häkkinen Icon

Online Fix - Oct. 18

  • ✅ 'Failed to connect to Playfab' error

Patch 1.12 - Click to view

Patch 1.10 Hotfix

  • Corrupted save game files
  • Aggressive force feedback on collisions
  • Accepting a Steam invite doesn't add a user to the lobby (Cross-play)

Patch 1.10 - Click to view

  • Players getting stuck in 'season break' during two-player Career
  • Inconsistent kerb impact behaviour across varying frame rates on PC
  • No data on race strategy graphs during Practice programs
  • Over-aggressive AI in certain scenarios 
  • ✅ Sponsor logos do not appear in replays on the Player Car
  • Driver number 23 is incorrectly available for use 

Patch 1.09 - Click to view

  • ✅ Sponsor contract lengths can be exceptionally long after an auto-renewal
  • Multiple track limit penalties for the same incident (Australia)
  • ✅ Automatic gearbox hits rev-limiter for too long before upshifting
  • ✅ Inability to use radio commands after using Flashback in certain circumstances
  • Tyre temperatures being cold with Formation Lap disabled
  • Races not starting when host spectates the Formation Lap

Patch 1.08 - Click to view

  • ✅ AI straight line speed after slow corners

Patch 1.07 - Click to view

  • ✅ Lack of trigger rumble on Xbox controllers (PC)
  • ✅ Tyres are already up to temperature before the Formation Lap
  • ✅ Losing the front wing can have minimal effect on grip

Patch 1.06 - Click to view

  • ✅ MyTeam facility upgrades (Personnel) not applying to 2nd driver
  • ✅ Sector timings not displaying
  • ✅ Broken barriers at Baku - Turn 19
  • ✅ Broadcast Safety Car causes all AI to pass and sometimes receive DSQs
  • ✅ Tyre temperatures reset when pausing the game in Multiplayer
  • ✅ Little to no force feedback when using Logitech G920/G29/G923
  • ✅ Excessive ICE/MGU-H wear when using automatic gears
  • ✅ Involuntary head movement when braking and accelerating in VR
  • ✅ Flying lap can cause damage on Baku - Turn 15
  • ✅ Engineer refers to Racing Point
  • ✅ Engineer stops replying to certain questions
  • ✅ Excessive DNFs at Baku when using Simulation Damage (My Team)



  • 🆕 Friends list appears empty due to a large number of EA Friends (on certain platforms).
    • We received mixed reports on whether this had been fixed in patch 1.17. Whilst this has now been closed on F1 22, the dev team are still investigating this issue
  • 🆕 Tyre and brake temperatures reset in online mode after the formation lap for non-host
    • Whilst this issue has been closed for F1 22, the dev team are continuing to investigate this issue.
  •  Inconsistent force feedback when using a controller (PC)
    • In testing, this problem seemed to affect older controllers only. In order to fix this, the resulting effect would break features of newer controllers. Therefore, a decision was made not to make this change.
  •  Audio stuttering issues
    • The team have identified that this is likely a hardware limitation linked to Bluetooth devices. Stuttering should not occur whilst using other devices for transmitting audio. If you are affected, please switch to a different audio device. If you are still experiencing this issue, please raise a new thread on EA Answers.
  • AI can back out on overtakes too easily in certain scenarios
    • All reports have been when using lower AI difficulties which is as expected.
  • Zhou's name incorrectly showing in-game
    • Zhou's name has been updated in many areas of the game but won't be correct in all areas (such as VO).
  • Engineer incorrectly states DSQ'd cars are still running
    • This issue appears no longer present in the game. Should you discover this issue occurring, please let us know.
  • GPU usage in menus (PC)
    • An improvement has been made in a recent patch but this will be investigated further for future titles.
  • Quick Practice over-wears the entire Power Unit
    • This issue appears no longer present in the game. Should you discover this issue occurring, please let us know.
  • Quick Practice over-wears the entire Power Unit
    • This issue appears no longer present in the game. Should you discover this issue occurring, please let us know.

Please consider the following:


  • This is not an exhaustive list of everything the development team are working on. Just because an issue is not listed above does not necessarily mean it's been ignored.
  • If an issue is added to ⏳ AWAITING PATCH ⏳ this does not mean it will be addressed in the next patch but will be included in an upcoming patch.

We hope you continue to enjoy F1® 22!

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