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iPad - Can't access TSTO, Getting an error message

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Hello! Since Tuesday I cannot access my TSTO account from my iPad. When I verify the code I get an error message in the app, but if I log in anonymously I can enter the game.


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Re: Tsto

@brisa_ruiz345 - for that error code with 105105 before the first - I'd suggest you do an uninstall and reinstall to replace any possibly faulty files.

Note for future readers - this applies because the player above is using an account to log in.
If you play as anonymous DO NOT UNINSTALL. Without an account those local files are the only way the system can find your game data and a re-install would wipe out your game !!

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Re: Tsto

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I already did it but it still doesn't work :/

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Re: Tsto


General troubleshooting tips:

  • Update your device software

  • Check for any Tapped Out update in store

  • Log out/Log back in

  • Restart device

  • Clear cache

  • Make sure your device has more than 1.5 gbs of RAM

  • Free up memory space (some devices may require 8-12 GB free space and Apple devices may require up to 10% of the total space free) IOS lies to you. regularly clear history of spotify and safari if you use them and make sure offload apps is turned off.

  • Hard close the game and restart

  • Load on another device

  • Try a different wifi/connection/internet/broadband

  • Change the date and time save and then change back to correct reboot

  • Close all other apps before playing

  • Only use the app icon to open the game not a notification

  • Close any VPN before opening the game

  • Accept or decline any pending friend requests

  • Change your password at change your password to be less than 15 characters with only letters and numbers in it. (It can take a couple minutes to reflect it in game) Do not change your password while the game is open on a device

  • Add a real mobile phone number, use this to log in if you have issues with email login

  • If connected to EA/Origin: uninstall / reinstall game (Do NOT do this if you play anonymously)

  • Synchronize your game often by visiting the friend's screen so your game progress is saved



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