[OPEN] [CD] Gift boxes dropped by pets pile up

by lizafideli95

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[OPEN] [CD] Gift boxes dropped by pets pile up

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Occasionally (10% - 49%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? EP: SE, DU, IL, S, CandD, CL, GT, GtW GP: DA, Family pack, DO, Outdoor pack SP: LD, NK, TL, Toddler pack, Bowling, VG, Kids, Movie, Spooky
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play for a long time in Brindleton Bay, I have experienced it when playing the big lot with the fountain in the driveway.
What happens when the bug occurs? The gifts that are dropped by pets won’t disappear when left unclaimed, but pile up. Then your sim can open like 30 boxes in a row from the same place because they will spawn indefinitely.
What do you expect to see? The gift boxes disappearing after a while, and a new box re-spawning after a day or two.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

I noticed this bug after the latest patch, but since I have not played very long in Brindleton bay before, so might have been there for longer. 


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Re: Infinite ‘gift boxes’ dropped by pets

@lizafideli95 Are you on playstation or PC ? Your version number is PC but you put console.

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Re: Infinite ‘gift boxes’ dropped by pets

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I’m on PC, must have missed it. 

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Re: Infinite ‘gift boxes’ dropped by pets

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If you are are talking about the little purple boxes with the bows, I have seen that too.  It's been going on for a long time in my game, so it's not due to a recent patch.  I'm not sure when it started but I do know it was happening before DU.  I happens only when I play a lot in that zone or spend a couple of days visiting in the zone without leaving so you have to be in that zone for an extended time.  I think they spawn once a day so you have to be present in the zone for a couple of days continuously for it to happen. I've only seen it happen in the BB zone where the big lot is too but I haven't played in the other two zones for any extended time so it may happen in the other two residential zones but I just haven't seen it.   My guess is that it probably does.


If you don't collect the boxes very often, they will continue to build up at their spawn points.  I don't think they are connected to your pets though.  Mainly because I don't play with pets since they take up a household slot and I would rather have a sim.  I have seen them spawn a time or two as well if I happened to be standing near one of the spawn points when they spawned again so I don't think are connected to the strays either.  They are more like the dig rocks imo in how they spawn.


Anyway, I agree that once one spawns, it will remain at that spot until you pick it up. Never goes away like the dig rocks and frogs do at times in other worlds.   And if you don't collect them, they will spawn on top of each other.  The longer you wait, the deeper the pile gets.  Visually, the pile looks like one package, but they are stacked on top of each other and any number of packages can be there.  How many are there depends on how long it's been since you lasted collected them and there may be several piles around a single spawn point.  So if you pick one up, then it looks like it's still there, so you keep picking them up until they are gone.  I never had 30 that I can recall, but I've had at least 10 or so in a single pile on occasion.  I kind of like it though since they can give you all kinds of collectibles.  One of the little bugs that actually works in the player's favor.


But it is only the little gift boxes.  The feather piles don't do it.  


Btw, I play on PC.


Hope this helps.


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Re: [CD] Infinite ‘gift boxes’ dropped by pets

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Let me just weigh in on this because this is something I do know for certain. Those mysterious boxes are dug up by dogs, mostly strays, from dirt piles that appear around the neighborhoods (the dirt piles themselves disappear after a box is dug up, but reappear after some time has passed). Some boxes may also come from pet bushes. They do not "spawn" like seashells do in Sulani. Those boxes are never deleted by the game (unlike piles of feathers or trash) and since pets tend to drop them in designated spots, they can pile up. There may be many of them, but definitely not infinitely many.


Those boxes have always been a part of Brindleton Bay ever since Cats & Dogs was released.


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Re: [CD] Infinite ‘gift boxes’ dropped by pets

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I understand, just thought that it was weird since it looks very odd and gives the player a very OP source for collectibles. I have not played in the area for a long time before so it might have been a thing for a long time. Maybe it’s just a personal preference but I dislike the way they look lying in strange circles all over the place, therefore I thought that it must be a bug. But yeah, as long as this does not affect my game’s performance or the loading screens then it’s fine I guess. 

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Re: [CD] Gift boxes dropped by pets pile up

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I have noticed this happening too. It's usually in random spots around the beach. Reading the responses to this, these boxes being "dug out" by dogs, or coming out from bushes makes sense, since they are usually all grouped together in the same spots. But having them pile up on top of each other should not happen. I once opened the same box 6 or 7 times until it disappeared. 

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Re: [CD] Gift boxes dropped by pets pile up

I see this on PS5 also.


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