[NEEDS SAVES] [BDK] Community lots get dirty

by LyssaKi

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[NEEDS SAVES] [BDK] Community lots get dirty

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number? 1.71.861020
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All of them, including the new Kits.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Go to a community lot.
What happens when the bug occurs? I installed Bust the Dust Kit and I've gone to the bar in Sulani and a restaurant I made and they are always getting dirty. My Sim had to clean the physical bar at the bar after several visits.
What do you expect to see? I expect to see community lots NOT get dirty.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. Installed the Bust the Dust Kit

I can't think of any other information other than what I've already filled out.  I just don't want community lots to get dirty while my Sim is there and eventually have to clean them.


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Re: [BDK] Community lots get dirty




Was the sim's home lot dirty when you left?


I'm not absolutely sure yet, but it appears to be that the cleanliness state of your home lot follows you to other places.  Look at the buffs on your sim to see if they still have a cleanliness buff of some sort when you get to where you travel to.   If your home lot is dirty, then wherever you go will get dirty if you stay there long enough.  If your home is pristine, then wherever you go will also be that way.  I'm still testing this though so right now it's more of an educated guess.


So try getting your home lot clean before you travel and you shouldn't see dust and dust bunnies where you traveled to.


Hope this helps.

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Re: [BDK] Community lots get dirty

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I have cleared the cache, restarted the game, started a new save as well as playing in an existing save, and still I get the dust messes. I've disabled the pack completely just so I can enjoy my game again.

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Re: [BDK] Community lots get dirty

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I'm not seeing the community lot in the same state as my home when I travel to it the first time.  What I'm seeing is things getting dirty over time on the community lots like they do on home lots.  The bar in Sulani didn't need to be cleaned until after four or five visits.  

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Re: [BDK] Community lots get dirty

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From what I have read from other users, it does appear that Community lots get dirty over time. I don't understand why this is even a feature.

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Re: [BDK] Community lots get dirty

EA Sims Team

Could anyone encountering this issue possibly share a save file with me where you've seen it occur? You can DM me the link to your save, thanks so much!


Instructions for sending me your save: http://answers.ea.com/t5/The-Sims-4-Bug-Reports/INFORMATION-How-to-Send-User-Files-to-The-Sims-4-Tea...

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