Information Regarding Career Mode Crashes & AI Performance

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Information Regarding Career Mode Crashes & AI Performance

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Hello players,


Following the v1.4.0 update to EA SPORTS™ WRC, an unforeseen issue with Career Mode has occurred that is affecting a number of players.


Please see below for further information and what we are doing to resolve it for you all.




What happened:


  • The v1.4.0 update was released.

  • This update added Central European Rally to the game.

  • Central European Rally was also added to Career Mode, both as part of the WRC class, and across several other Championships and Events in Career.

  • The addition of Central European Rally caused a mismatch in the game code with a specific set of Benefactor objectives.

  • Affected players will experience a 100% crash rate if their Career Mode save features these specific objectives.



How are players affected:


  • Career Mode contains hundreds of combinations of Benefactor objectives, specifying which Events and Championships the player must compete in as progression targets.

  • These Benefactor objectives are randomly assigned to players at the start of each Career Mode Season.

  • Players who have specific combinations of these Benefactor objectives will experience a game crash if they attempt to continue their Career.

  • Players who have not started Career, or start a new Career are not affected in Career Mode Season 1.

  • Some players may be able to load a Career Mode save without any issue, though this cannot be predicted in advance.

  • Players who are currently in Career Mode Season 2 and beyond in WRC2 and Junior WRC are at risk of a crash if they attempt to continue their career.

  • Players who are currently in Career Mode Season 2 and beyond in WRC are also at risk, and players in Season 3 and beyond are at a higher risk.

  • If a player has experienced this crash, there is a chance that their Career Mode progress has been lost with no ability to recover.



How players can mitigate the issue:


  • If a player has an active Career Mode save, we are advising all players to avoid playing in Career until an update is released.

  • With the hotfix we are aiming to restore existing Career Mode Saves for those that do not start a new Career.

  • If a player wishes to start a new Career, they can do so without being affected by this issue, however their previous save will be permanently lost.



How we are fixing the issue:


  • This issue is the #1 priority for our team as regards fixes and updates.

  • However, as this is a complicated and delicate issue that affects save games, we do not wish to rush a quick fix, and inadvertently cause further issues down the line.

  • With this hotfix we are also aiming to recover lost Career Mode saves for those that do not start a new Career.

  • The aim is to have a hotfix ready as soon as possible.


What else will be in the hotfix:




When will a hotfix be released:


  • Due to the complexity of the Career Mode issue, the action required to resolve it, and the time required for testing and certification, we aim to be in a position to issue a hotfix on all platforms in mid January.
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