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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

by simvasion

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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Man, I just saw that this has been going on for a month. I thought it was just me and maybe I messed up my game somehow or had forgotten how to ask for family leave. I hope this issue gets resolved soon for this is a pain to deal with (especially if your sim has no vacation days!!)

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Re: Family Leave

Quick update - I've tried a couple of scenarios, just wanted to add the info that none of them worked Standard smile I am playing a legacy challenge with base game and freebies only. The first time this happened, the mother was in the tech guru career and the father was unemployed, but got a job during her third trimester. He had not started work before the birth. Pregnancies 2 through 4, both had jobs; he was a Writer in the Author branch and she was a Tech Guru, both had vacation days available during the pregnancies and births.


Next generation, in the same save game, mother was an Entertainer in the Musician career and father is unemployed / stay-at-home dad. She had twins the first time and a son the second time. Vacation days available for her on both pregnancies.


These are the choices I've tried:

Do Nothing - the working sims will be sent to work every day. This is the "option" I used most often. The baby was never born at work, but I had one that was apparently in labor at work and "gave birth" on the lawn right after work. The others usually came a few hours before or after work, which probably coincides with whenever they 'woo-hooed' to get pregnant.


Take Vacation Days - there appeared to be no penalty to progress if you take 2 vacation days in a row after the birth.


Cancel "Go to Work" - this last pregnancy, I tried cancelling the go to work task every day after she gave birth. The job button was flashing red during the entire work time but I just ignored it. I had hoped she was already marked as on family leave, with the bug being in the autonomous part. She didn't get paid, and on the 2nd day she took a hit on her job progress as well. The bar was on Good, almost to Excellent. No hit the first day, but on the second the bar dropped one tick to just above good. I decided to send her to work the third day, so as not to lose any more progress. After she worked on the third day, the message that "no more family leave is available" came up. It took a couple more days of doing the daily task to get her progress back up.


So, for me, the best option has been to either take vacation days or go to work normally. I hate losing the vacation days when I know I should be getting family leave, so most of the time I just let them go to work as usual. This is really only possible because I have a full household, so unemployed dad and various aunts and uncles take care of the baby. Mom's needs decay so much faster at work during the time immediately after birth, it's difficult to keep up with her schedule (just like in real life). 

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Re: Family Leave

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I started a new save with a new family. The mother is in the entertainer career and the father is in the acting career, but only the father is able to take family leave. There is no family leave option for the mother. This is their first child.

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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I experienced this as well. I play on PC - no mods nor CC. My game is up to date. I don't have Get Famous installed.

Career: mom - style influencer | dad - secret agent

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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I have had this problem for weeks. I even tweeted Crinict who replied that she had never heard of it?! Various combinations of jobs with parents. With and without mods. Repaired game, deleted cache etc.

The interesting thing is that the faster skills mod no longer works for toddlers - not sure if this glitch somehow extends further than family leave

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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This is the first time I've had a pregnant sim since the November patch, so I encountered this too. My sims are in the culinary and tech guru careers. After they received the notification that they could take family leave, I checked the phone and there was no option for it under the work tab.


I checked the tuning file for this phone interaction and there seems to be this erroneous section under test globals:


    <V t="career_test">
      <U n="career_test">
        <V n="test_type" t="career_reference">
          <U n="career_reference">
            <V n="career" t="specific_career">
              <T n="specific_career">189135<!--career_Adult_Active_ActorCareer--></T>

With that career test in there, it means that the family leave option will only show up on your phone if you have the actor career from Get Famous. For everyone else, it would make the option disappear.


I made a mod which changes this section, and when I tested it in my game my pregnant sim and her spouse could now use the phone to take family leave again. If anyone else wants to test this too, I uploaded it to my wordpress site, which you can find if you google for my username and "wordpress" or "facebook".

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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So I first noticed this bug last week and was very confused. I been playing this family for a long time and finally the daughter had grown up and was starting a family of her own. Her and Her husband are Celebrities, He is a Global Celeb and she has just been upgraded to a proper Celeb. He was in the Actors career but after reaching the top and really not progressing any further, he got a call to become a secret Agent (As you do) So now he's in the Secret Service area now. His wife on the other hand is a very important and successuful Busniess woman. Eventually she fell pregnant (took a little while but all good) and she entered her third term I got the normal notice saying that "Emily is now able to family leave" and "Nathan is now able to take family leave". Unfortunately, Just like everyone else on this thread, I was unccessful, and couldn't find it on their phones or computers. I had recently discovered that throught a previous patch that EA had made Whims adjustable, and so after months of no whims (which was indeed nice I will admit) thought that EA may have done a similar thing with the leave or any other previous features, but alas nothing. I really hope that the devs see this issue and fix this soon because poor Nathan and Emily later on had twin boys and were unable to take family leave (fun times....) and had very little unpaid time off from when they had to use it when they had their first child. The kids are all toddlers now and I think that particular couple are finished having kids but I have a few other families that I am hoping to start having children soon. Like Emily's younger brother just got engaged and well I kinda want them to have their kids before the grandparents peg out but because they've been NPCs their time off has been reduced to like 1 or 2 days. Not enough. I think with this amount of people on this thread, its bound to get their attention. Let's hope.

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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In my case the mother is in the Culinary career, the father is a Writer.
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Re: Family Leave

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Can confirm it happened to me as well.

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Re: Family Leave

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Yup, happening to me as well. Mom is a food critic. No option for family leave and she just had twins. Disappointed 

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