[IMPORTANT - Updated 11/10] BF4 Beta Known Issues

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[IMPORTANT - Updated 11/10] BF4 Beta Known Issues

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Hi everyone, 

Before posting about an issue you are experiencing, please read the list of Known Issues below: 



- Stats Delay: We are aware that some of you may experience delays with your BF4 beta stats updating. Please note that the stats can take up to an hour to reflect properly in game or on Battlelog. This will mean that if you unlock a certain weapon or attachment it can take up to 1 hour before it will become available for play.


- Medical and Ammo packs may « disappear » after being thrown, but they will still provide support. 

- You may be « teleported » in the air if you attempt to use the elevators after the Skyscraper Levolution-Event.


- You may be locked on by a RPG Laser without being warned by any sound alarm. 

- A Boat may randomly pop anywhere in the map. 

- When attempting to spawn on a Boat from the Spawn screen, the Boat may not be present, and you may spawn in the water. 

- You may encounter Invisible walls, or Invisible obstacles. 

- Sometimes, the switch feature to swap weapons may not work.


- Sometimes, Icons will move around on the Battlemap, in a circular manner. 

- Sometimes, you may see squads with more than 5 players.


- You may see some Camos change colors in action. 

- Sometimes tank shells shot directly at an Infantry Soldier may not inflict damages. 

- Sometimes, lights can be shot down, and still appear to provide lights to their surroundings. 

- Sometimes, throwing a Med-kit at a Tree may destroy it.



- An Error was Reported by EA Online


If you receive the message, "An Error was Reported by EA Online" when attempting to play the Battlefield 4 Beta, it's likely due to having multiple IDs on the same account.

Try the following workaround to get in the game:

  • Head to Battlelog and click the Profile in the top-right corner.
  • Select "Change Soldier," and you should see a list of soldiers associated with your account, one of which will be Active and highlighted in green.
  • Click the Active button next to one of your non-Active soldiers to set it as your primary, and then try to play the Battlefield 4 Beta.
  • If you still receive the above error, try setting different soldiers to active and attempting to play again.

- We have received reports of Freezes and Crashes affecting the BF4 Beta client. Our team is currently investigating this matter and we will update you here as soon as we know more. 

If you are affected by a Freeze or a Crash upon joining a game, and the error message “BF4 Beta has stopped working” appears, please make sure your Windows is fully updated and your Graphic card is running on its latest driver. Alternatively, some players using GeForce drivers were able to fix this by downgrading their driver to an earlier version. 

- We received report of unusually low performances, and are currently looking into that as well. 


- We have received reports of High CPU usage from our users, ranging from 80% to 100%. This has been forwarded to our Team for further investigation. 


- Players that have more than one ID tied to their Origin account may experience problems joining servers on PC. We’re aware of the issue, and are working on a solution. Meanwhile, you can create a new Origin account to play the Battlefield 4 Beta.

- Please note that the Battlefield 4 Beta does not support Win32 and 32 Bit operating systems. 

- Video settings may not be saved after rebooting the game. 

- The tooltip “E” to enter the Venom is visible at a 400 meter distance. 

- Punkbuster Crashing issues: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065213718181188/[battlelog.battlefield.com] 


- Player stats in Battledash may not match the stats displayed on Battlelog. 

- You may experience an 8 seconds non-interactive pause, when leaving a Multiplayer session or after pressing Start when booting the game. 

- You may be floating if you jump on the bollards. 

- Cruise Missiles may not destroy any vehicle dropped by Vehicle Drop. 

- The requirements for unlock criteria may not be displayed. 

- Two flag icons may appear overlapping on each other at each flag point. 

- The first attachment of any weapon that is not unlocked, will be the only attachment shown for the first unlocked weapon. 

(PS3 and Xbox360) 

- If you’re disconnected from the EA Servers, the Main Menu tiles remains fixed in the front end. 


- When you choose to quit during the EOR, you may be able to see “underworld” for 1 second. 

- The camera transition before the EOR screen is under water. 

- If you destroy an enemy tank near the Flag A, it may triggers the map’s Mini-Levolution event. 

- If you quit from the XMB™ menu after the “Press Start” screen, you may experience a forced shutdown. 

- The background screen for the losing team during EOR, is placed “under the game world” for Domination and Obliteration game modes. 

- The Hit Indicator is not present when shooting at enemies. 

- The EOD Bot can’t arm or disarm MCOMs on Rush mode. 

- If you disconnect and reconnect your Ethernet cable while playing, the Game may remain in an endless loading loop. 

- You may not be able to perform a knife takedown on an enemy using the TAW Launcher. 

- If you sign out from PSN while loading into a MultiPlayer server, you may experience an infinite loading screen. 

- In the Soldier Progression menu, you may be able to see upcoming vehicle unlocks that will not be available in the Beta. 

- You may be able to see several Medals, Ribbons, and Dog Tags in the “My Soldier” menu. 

If you are currently experiencing any issue listed above, rest assured that our team is currently looking into it internally

If there’s anything you can add about an issue, that was not mentioned (details or context that you think might help, or possibly, a work-around that proved efficient on your end), please feel free to post about it. 

We will continue to update this list from your feedback. 

Thank you for your participation on the BF4 Beta!!

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