Directx Error BF4

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DirectX Error

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Guys, I'm getting the dreaded DirectX error whenever I try to join the server or SP campaign.


"DirectX function "m_dxgiFactory->CreateSwapChain( m_device, &sd, &screen->swapChain.assign.Get())" failed with DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL..................


i5@3570 @ 3.4GHz


Gigabyte GTX 570


Windows 8.1 64-bit

nVidia Drivers: 331.65


I have lowered GPU core and memory clocks by 10%. This used to happen on BF3. It would be fine after a restart. This trick doesn't work on BF4. BF4 BETA was fine ironically...


Anyone else getting the same issue?


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Re: DirectX Error

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Hi guys,


I did some digging into this and have spotted a few others that are having this problem. In my research I did come across something that has helped one or two others. Could you please try the following:


Control panel -> Time, Language and Region -> Region -> Administrative tab

Change Language for non-Unicode programs To English(US)


After changing this, try to run the game again. If I'm right you should not get that DirectX error any further.


Let me know if this helps.





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Directx Error BF4

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When I doubleclick BF4 in Origin, after a few seconds, a dialog box appears, the text as below:


DirectX function "m_dxgiFactory->CreateSwapChain(m_device, &sd, &screen->swapChain.assignGet())" failed with DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL ("The application provided invalid parameter data; this must be debugged and fixed before the application is released."). GPU: "NVIDIA Quadro K1000M", Driver: Unknown


I have reinstalled DirectX and updated the GPU driver, but it still exists.


Any advices?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Directx Error BF4

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I have the same issue and im running a Sabertooth z77 motherboard with an i7 3770 intel, a Nvidia GTX 660 with 16gb or ram with up to date direct x 11

this is the code exactly

Directx fuction "device->CreatTexture2d( &texDesc, Desc.subResourceCount !=0 ? reinterpret_cast<const D3D11_SUBRESOURCE_DATA*>(desc.subResourceData) : ), &texture->m_texture2d)" failed with E_INVALIDARG ("An invalid parameter was passed to the returning fuction."). GPU: "NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660", Driver: 33140

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BF4 directx error

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DirectX function "m_dxgiFactory->CreateSwapChain(m_device, &sd, &screen->swapChain.assignGet())" failed with DXGI_ERROR_INVALID_CALL ("The application provided invalid parameter data; this must be debugged and fixed before the application is released."). GPU: "NVIDIA GeForce gt325m driver 33140



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Re: BF4 directx error

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[quote]To those of you who are recieveing the DirectX function error when joining the game ( try this.


It appears in battlefield 4 folder in my documents there should be a 'settings' folder with 4 files in. This did not exist for me.

After stealing a friends folder and putting it there it worked!


I have uploaded the files here. Download these

extract them and put them in your battlefield 4 folder in MY DOCUMENTS


It should look like 

My Documents / Battlefield 4 / settings


Hope this helps! [/quote]

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Re: BF4 directx error

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didnt work for me.its about time EA/DICE gave us some input about this it is i have no choice but to cancel my preorder in the belief i will have the same problem in the full game.

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Re: Directx Error BF4

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Guys please look in forums before asking questions, i have been going around on the forums for a few minutes now and alot of people have this problem...


its probably a graphics to high thing where you have to high graphics, to fix it look at this thread


if this doesnt work its because your PC doesnt match the requirments or that you have another issue


and update your driver,

if you have NVIDIA Geforce plz download


and update your driver

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Re: Directx Error BF4

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Thank you for your answer, but in fact, there is only one empty folder under "Documents/Battlefield 4/", only the "Screenshots" folder.

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Re: Directx Error BF4

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i have the same error, now i solve it


control panel----region----administrative----unicode programs---change system location----english (united kingdom)---restart yor PC

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