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I’ve had it with this game. It now seems stuck in limbo,because no new quests for the main story line are coming up. All I have is one stronghold ,which I’ve done to death. Is the game totally glitched out?

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That's not very much to go on, where have you reached in the story?


Have you spoken to all the people around the Fort?


Mostly following BioWare games. Old timer. Helping out here does not mean I work for EA so I don't have all the answers. Also hangs out on BSN. 

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Re: Stuck

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Did you complete the Tombs of Tarsis portion in freeplay?

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Re: Stuck

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No I have not. I seriously hope I don’t have to do stuff in freeplay to get main story quests

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You have to complete the Tombs of Tarsis in order to get new missions.

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