HUD customization.

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HUD customization.

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It would be really great to see some customization options for the HUD down the road.  Like changing the scale, tweaking the X and Y position or maybe even the possibility of having the health and shield bars at the bottom of the screen instead of the top?  I imagine none of this will ever happen, but it's wishful thinking.  That was the one things I actually liked about The Division, you could tweak the HUD.

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Re: HUD customization.

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I believe they have added a way to re-scale the hud, since before in the demos the hud for alot of people was cut off in areas on the screens.  Not sure about individual hud customization though.  Would be neat, but Im ok with how the UI looks.

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Re: HUD customization.

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I've seen this in other games, HUD customization may mean L or R shoulder, large or small reticle, or pixel reticle, or inclusions/ exclusions in what the HUD shows, even HUD colors.


It is a definite opportunity for eventual Quality of Life upgrades. 

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