Anthem Open Demo | Community Update

by BW_Darokaz

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Anthem Open Demo | Community Update

EA Community Manager

Hello freelancers,


Here is a list of known issues that have been reported by the community that the team is looking into. Please note that some of these reported issues may not be able to be fixed prior to the open demo ending. Many of these have already been fixed in the full version of Anthem.


  • Disconnects within certain areas of the Tyrant Mine
  • Unable to end freeplay from menus
  • Errors when accessing the Anthem Demo in certain languages
  • Storm using ultimate in the Tyrant Mine stronghold will sometimes make the HUD of all other storms in the party lose their UI
  • Sound dropping when playing
  • Delayed gun recoil that causes camera to shake more than intended
  • XP not being rewarded after missions or expeditions
  • Disconnects that return players to the start screen
  • Fresh accounts that don’t visit the Forge before going on an expedition can lead to a disconnect

This is not a comprehensive list of every issue but some of the key issues the studio is tracking. We will provide updates in this thread as needed.

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