Anthem | Known issues

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Anthem | Known issues

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Make sure to check the list below if you're experiencing any issues while playing Anthem.




Javelin is stuck


If you’re out in the world and your Javelin gets stuck in some foliage, rocks, or other terrain, open your Map and choose the Respawn option to free yourself.


Claiming your Legion of Dawn rewards


These will be available in-game on February 22 for Worldwide launch of Anthem.

  1. Complete the tutorials.
  2. Talk to Prospero at his stall in Fort Tarsis.
  3. Complete his mission.
  4. Talk to him again.
  5. Open the Store.
  6. Claim your items in the Rewards tab.
  7. Equip them at the Forge.

If you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and your Legion of Dawn rewards are not showing after you’ve completed Prospero’s mission, check these articles for help:


Make sure you uninstall and reinstall the Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition Upgrade and Anthem Pre-order bonus DLC (if you pre-ordered), there is no need to uninstall the game itself.




You need to do a Mission for Prospero to unlock Crafting and access to his store. Find out more about how crafting works in this article.


Is the game crashing when you go to the Forge to unlock your first Javelin?


Try completing Prospero's mission in Freeplay first, then talk to him again in Fort Tarsis before you go to the Forge.


Can't see Shards in-game or in Origin?


  1. Close Origin and Anthem then delete these folders:

    *You'll need to show hidden files and folders to see those*

  2. Restart Origin and Anthem again and check.




Alliance Coin rewards


These are not delivered instantly when the timer resets, there are a few hours processing time before your Alliance Coin is delivered to you. Check here for more info on the Alliance system in Anthem.


Slow first load into Fort Tarsis


On some systems, the first load into Fort Tarsis after completing the Tutorial can take longer than usual.

If this happens to you, please wait a few minutes and see if you eventually load in. If you do not load in after five minutes, use Alt+F4 to exit the game and run a repair through Origin:

  1. Click on the Anthem game tile in My Game Library.
  2. Click the cog icon under the Play button.
  3. Choose Repair.
  4. Wait for the repair to finish, then restart Anthem.

Upgraded to Origin Access Premier but not able to play?


Click on the Anthem tile in My Game Library and choose Upgrade Game. Click on Anthem again and you should now have a Play button.



PlayStation 4, Xbox One 


Slow load times


Older PlayStation 4 models (not PlayStation Pro) may have slower loading times.

Older Xbox One models (not X or S) may have slower loading times.





Tombs of the Legionnaires mission


You do not need to complete this mission in one Freeplay expedition, you can naturally progress a lot of the Feats needed through doing Contracts too.


Check in with the Sentinels (Brin), Arcanists (Matthias) and Freelancers (Yarrow) to pick up Missions and Contracts from them.


To track your progress:

  • Open the Cortex (J on PC, Options on PlayStation 4, View on Xbox One).
  • Select Challenges.
  • Choose Expeditions.
  • Select Freeplay.
  • Check on each of the Trials listed there to see your progress.



You can track each of the trials using the Track button, so you can check on them more quickly through the Cortex:

  • Open the Cortex (J on PC, Options on PlayStation 4, View on Xbox One).
  • Select Challenges.
  • Choose Tracked.

We’re also aware that opening chests, performing combos, and ultimate kills do not seem to be registering properly when players are in a Squad as opposed to a matchmade group. We’re working on all of these issues


Please use our dedicated Bug Reporting board on Anthem Forums to report anything that's not on the list.


We will continue to update this thread with new information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

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