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Inability to Log in to Sims Forums
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So I've been recommended to post this here by an employee from customer service.


I'm experiencing a bug in The Sims Forums where I can't seem to log in. While I know it's supposed to match up with my existing account here on EA, The Sims Forums seems to have possibly not synced up with it.

What I mean is is that it may think I'm still using a username and/or password that I haven't used in a very long time, and I can't remember the password I used back then; if it even takes any password. If it's a bug, it may not. I tried multiple passwords, even repeating them with different caps, and it wouldn't take any of them.


Anyway, this makes it impossible for me to log in to The Sims Forums. Said employee had also tried logging into my account to investigate it, and they ran into the same problem with an inability to bypass the login page, thus bringing me here. I have attached a screenshot to this post in hopes another employee or someone else may recognize this problem and know how to fix it.


Thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic