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[INFORMATION] Common Game Fixing Mods - Hero Approved
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Community Manager (retired)

Hey there Simmers,


We know that many of you enjoy using Mods to help shape and change the game in different ways and you are aware that here on AHQ we have a standing rule that links for Mods are a no-go. This rule is not changing.


But we have recognized that some Mods have become standard go-to's for fixing some smaller game issues that have not been addressed so far, and that it has been frustrating to both community members and our AHQ Heroes and Champions not to be allowed to share them here. 


With this being said, we have given permission for this thread to be here because we are hoping that it will help you, our players, to play. It will be maintained by our Heroes and Champions to house links to mods that they support as solutions to common game issues.


To affirm: EA, Maxis, and the AHQ team have not verified these mods, their safety to your PC, or game. 

We encourage you to use safe practices when downloading and utilizing any Mod from any location by using appropriate anti-virus/anti-malware tools and checks. 


Happy Simming!


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