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Battlefield 4 premium not working! pc steam/origin
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  1. I bought battlefield 4 premium like a month ago from steam when it was 80% off i played it a couple of days until the game just wont open i pressed the play button on steam and it just close the second i tap it and when i try to join from origin the game is just completely grayed out i tried also joining from battlelog but it said that i do not own this game its been like a month or so and i really dont know what to do
  2. I tried: 
  3. Reinstalling BF4
  4. Reinstalling origin
  5. Reinstalling steam
  6. Move it to 64x instead of 84x
  7. Run origin as administrator
  8. Verify the game through steam
  9. (Cant repair the game because it doesnt show me an option)
  10. I really tried everything even contacted with 3 Origin support agents
  11. I am really lost please help Frown
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