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Linked EA Accounts
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Me and my brother have had our EA-Accounts linked for more than 6 years now, with two different consoles, two different gamertags, two different FIFAs etc. There has never been a problem to play at the same time for us before until this year. So I have spoken to one of your service helpers and he told me the only two solutions he could come up with were to either ask here on the forum if there is any solution to this or to create a new ea-account and a new gamertag for my brother, which would mean him losing all of his current content on FIFA, as well as he would need to buy a new XBOX Live subscription to be able to play on his new account. What can we do here? Is there any way possible for us to play at the same time, just as we have been able to do all recent years?

Thanks in advance.


Who Me Too'd this topic