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Design Meeting for Season-7 Battle Pass
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Sales: Season-7 is on the Horizon, How is season-7 new map, Olympus, you've been working for 1.5 years ?


Design: It's beatifull, it's ready to go. It took a lot of sleepless nights.

QA      : We tested and we even invite pro streamer and content creator to pre-test it.


Sales: Wauww, you guys need to get HUGE bonus for this !


CEO: Agree, but how to get a lot of money from season-7 ?



Challenging, we already short cut season-6 but rarely any people pay money to level up.

Most people max out very early, after that they don't play anymore so queing time getting longer.



Make it HARDER then, force them to play EVERYDAY, and make it happen !



Design: That's easy boss, considered done.


Sales: Let's change to star system as well since other games do that way.


Design: No problem.


QA:    But people will not be happy about painfull grind and might not buy battle pass !


Sales :

No worries, based on stats, they always bought on 1st day 

By the time they realize it, it's already too late !


CEO : Perfect, Let's do it then !


Meeting end.

Who Me Too'd this topic