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NHL 21 Input lag in HUT
★ Apprentice

So, I have had some input lag while playing HUT. I had this problem in NHL 20 also. 


In HUT, I just played a game where I had ONLY 9 ping and had pretty much input lag. It is not HUGE, but still affects pretty much to my gameplay. And this is not a special case, its there every game. Same as the last year. 


In Online Versus, I have no input lag AT ALL!    I just played a versus game (after HUT game to compare), where I had over 40 ping and had normal delay that 40 ping causes and was able to play perfectly. With 10 ping in Online Versus is like playing Offline. 


In Offline, I have never experienced any input lag.


So the main question here is: Why there is such a big difference between HUT and Online Versus gameplay? Online versus works just like it should but HUT lags every time.


Is there anything to fix the lag?


More info:


Console: PS4


Connection: Wired



Thank you in advance!



Who Me Too'd this topic